Glenn Beck Says the Great Reset Is Coming and 'You Will Own Nothing and Like It'

It is 2040, two decades after world leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum in 2020 to formulate a plan for imposing a "Great Reset" of the global economic system. Life has changed dramatically in America as the rules, social norms and market economic principles that used to define the American experience have been permanently rewritten. Globalism has enveloped the world, which is now run by a group of international elites.

This is a hypothetical situation, of course, but it may not be too far off. In his book The Great Reset, conservative commentator Glenn Beck says the following is some of what Americans will most likely experience within the next 20 years:

  • Energy prices have more than tripled in many parts of the country. In places with less sunshine and wind, energy prices are five times higher. In the winter, blackouts are common in frigid parts of the country.
  • Congress has passed a Green New Deal, and the legislation has wiped out more than 10 million jobs in the oil and gas industries, devastating the economies of many states.
  • Restaurants, food vendors and grocery stores limit meat sales to help battle climate change. High-fat and sugary foods are restricted or banned outright.
  • Gasoline-powered cars have been outlawed or rendered useless by the elimination of fossil fuels. Air travel has decreased dramatically because of harsh regulations on carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Taxes on businesses have doubled, and a slew of new sales, wealth and real estate levies have been created by government officials in an attempt to create greater economic "equity." America's wealthiest business owners and innovators have left the country and moved to competitor nations that refused to go along with the Great Reset. The groups of Americans hit hardest by the economic exodus are lower-income and working-class families.
  • Nearly three-quarters of Americans now depend on the federal government for many basic goods and services. Tens of millions of working-age adults refuse to find a job and instead live off the government's basic income system.
  • The church is considered an enemy of the state. Worshipping God and following Jesus are frowned upon, if not literally outlawed.

This is only part of what a post-Great Reset world will look like. "It is a potential future we must do everything in our power to stop," Beck writes.

The America we remember has been replaced with a culture driven by suspicion, rampant fear and ideological and political "tribalism" and dominated by massive, multinational corporations. The final result of the Great Reset would be societies with fewer personal freedoms and even more cronyism and political and economic centralization.

And, you will "own nothing and be happy."

Beck says not to take his word for it. Do your own research on the Great Reset and see for yourself how those involved in it clearly, boldly and defiantly articulate their plans for the future of America.

While others may endure this frightening scenario, believers can cling to one thing: hope in Jesus. And that will sustain them through the impending darkness.

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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