'The Emperor' Has Only Begun to Execute His Evil Plan

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Charisma News archives)
A total of 39 simple words were subtly encased in Sunday's alarming headlines (collectively paraphrased): "Emperor Vladimir Putin predicts eventual victory in the Ukraine. On the 108th day of unprovoked war, driven by his conviction that Ukraine is territory unjustly taken from the Russian Empire ... Putin's forces appear to be making slow, methodical progress."

Thirty-nine simple words of explosive revelation suddenly cemented mankind's destiny. As we predicted three months ago in a Charisma article entitled "Why We Must Double Down in Prayer to Combat the Rising Evil," Putin has clearly dedicated himself to the restoration of what he considers his empire, over which he will reign.

The klieg lights of history's greatest events are glaring, and the destinies of all are gleaming clearly. Emperor Putin publicly and bloodily does more than hint at a master plan to rebuild "his Empire." Obviously, he and his self-engineered coterie of super-billionaire buddies are well along in executing an insidious strategy to dominate the world's oil and gas industries.

To achieve these goals, an obvious next target is Kazakhstan and her four "sister-stans," all heavy oil producers and all former members of the U.S.S.R. Putin's gang must further pacify neighbor Communist China, which also shares borders with three of the planned takeovers. The former "republics" won't welcome a return to Soviet subservience, whether by economic dominance and coercion or by violence. Many prophecies declare Russia will prevail.

Because the "stans" are predominantly Sunni Muslim, the Emperor must also (far more ominously) play footsie with Mid-Eastern elements of the former Persian and Ottoman Empires, dominated by Iran and Turkey respectively. The end result of all this incestuous pandering will be an oil cartel (with or without Saudi Arabia) such as mankind has never seen.

It would effectively control the flow of the world's wealth to a point of world dictatorship wherein Christian-based societies are rendered immaterial.

There Is a Catch
The key roadblock in Putin's Master Plan is the tiny country of Israel. The Emperor's Muslim cronies will demand the "pacification" of Israel in return for their cooperation, and the reestablishment of her territory as the Muslim province of Palestine.

Interestingly enough, Israel not only is a prominent European breadbasket and world leader in agricultural technologies, but has developed technical science centers rivaling those of Silicon Valley and Northern Colorado. Of more consequence to those who want to raid her treasures are the massive oil and gas fields discovered in 2010.

According to the Tel Aviv-based Dardik Gross & Co. legal consulting firm, the Leviathan offshore oil field discovered in December 2010 was the world's largest discovery of natural gas in a decade. "It is projected to have 16 trillion cubic feet of gas at a market value of $90 billion. Many experts believe there could be more than 4 billion barrels of crude oil below these natural gas deposits. ...

"The Leviathan discovery came just a year after the Tamar discovery, which was the world's largest natural gas discovery in 2009. ... Tamar has an estimated 8.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. ...

"With recent advances in energy technology, oil reserves which were previously ... too expensive to extract are now being ... developed. Zion Oil & Gas recently announced its interest in developing a large shale oil deposit 30 miles west of Jerusalem. These deposits comprise the third-largest shale oil reserve in the world and expect to yield 250-500 billion barrels of oil. Many experts believe that Israel has a volume of oil in this reserve and other undiscovered shale oil reserves equivalent to that of Saudi Arabia."

After reading this report, need we look for any greater motive for taking Israel from the Jewish people and turning her over to those wanting to integrate her substantial wealth into their plans for conquering the world, whether religiously or politically oriented? Putin wants to rule at least his continent, and some radical Muslims claim Allah will intervene to restore all lands previously conquered and occupied by followers of their prophet/general.

At this juncture, Israel's supporters, primarily America and a few European nations, along with Australia, Japan and a sprinkling of others, will militarily oppose the Russian Empire and its cronies (including, most significantly, a godless China) at the prophesied battle of Armageddon. All as promised in the sacred screed!

The clash will quickly elevate to the nuclear threshold, at which point God must jump in to end the nonsense, "lest the whole world be destroyed" (Matt. 24:3-22).

All of which, of course, leads to the return of Christ, His victory over the enemies of Israel and subsequent reign over the world for a thousand years (headquartered in the victorious nation of Israel).

We can assume, with confidence, that these current published prophetic events prove we're centered in the biblical end-times promises of Jesus as related to His disciples. Some recent evidence centered in the newly deciphered Dead Sea Scrolls gives strong suggestions of a rapture in the next three to five years, followed by Armageddon and the return of Jesus the Christ two or three years later.

As far as we're concerned, we've been convinced by the current falling away of the church, and by the world slipping wholeheartedly into a general apostasy, anticipating a relatively quick reaction by God. He holds strictly to all His promises.

But we can also revel in a simultaneous end-times revival, underway in many scattered places in smallish venues, as prophesied by many. The choices are still open to us.

The church can sit back comfortably in apathy, or we can seek the Holy Spirit's leading and jump onto God's bandwagon of forgiveness and joy in a final and very fruitful harvest festival.

Ronald Dee Mallett of Milliken, Colorado, studied business, journalism, economics and mass communications at Denver, Colorado and Stanford Universities as a Ford Fellow. An Air Force veteran, news reporter and retired multinational corporate executive, he later served as director of jail, prison, nursing home and Mexico outreaches, as well as intercession ministries for over 21 years.

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