Is the Monkeypox Virus Another Pre-Planned Scenario?

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In October 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in conjunction with John Hopkins-Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the World Economic Forum, hosted Event 201. It was referred to as a "tabletop pandemic exercise," and it was by invitation only.

The scenario was a Coronavirus outbreak on a global scale as "an exercise in preparedness for global cooperation if a pandemic should ever hit." Just weeks later, COVID-19 began to make headlines and was almost immediately labeled a pandemic.

Fast forward to March 2021, when the Nuclear Threat Initiative, which self-describes as "a nonprofit, nonpartisan global security organization focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity," held what has also been termed a "tabletop exercise" in partnership with the Munich Security Conference.

Monkeypox graphic On its agenda was the possible scenario and exercise of a monkeypox outbreak. It is eerily predictive, just as Event 201, and their timing just as suspicious.

It outlined a monkeypox outbreak: May 15, 2022 monkeypox; June 5, 2022 Stage 1, January 10, 2023 Stage 2 (international supply chain challenges) and May 10, 2023 Stage 3 (revelation of terror group origins). Ironically, the NTI exercise was able to predict within three days when the alleged outbreak would occur 15 months in advance.

Slightly ahead of schedule, on Sunday, May 29, the CDC raised the current travel advisory for Monkeypox from Level 1 to Level 2. (To understand what Level 2 means and how it will affect you Click here.)

In a published report from the NTI regarding the 2021 exercise, it "portrayed a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus that emerged in the fictional nation of Brinia and spread globally over 18 months. Ultimately, the exercise scenario revealed that the initial outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack. ..."

One of the leading creators of the monkeypox exercise was Dr. Jaime Yassif, vice president of Global Biological Policy and Programs for the NTI. She insists the use of monkeypox in the study was coincidental.

"The fact that several countries are currently experiencing an outbreak of monkeypox is purely a coincidence. We wanted to select a pathogen that would be a plausible fit for our fictional scenario, and we chose monkeypox from a range of options offered by our expert advisers," she told Newsweek.

However, in February 2021, a patent was filed for a "recombinant (relating to or containing genetically engineered DNA) poxvirus-based vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Prior to her role at NTI, Yassif served as a Science and Technology Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Defense in the Obama administration and worked on the Global Health Security Agenda at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services initiating new biosecurity work in China and India.

Dr. Yassif testified before the U.S. House of Foreign Affairs on Dec 8, 2021, to press for ongoing advances in "the ability to read, write and edit DNA and RNA—the underlying blueprint for all life on earth." It seeks to overwrite human DNA with RNA with increased introduction of MRNA vaccines (currently these are the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccine).

Of the virus, Maria DeJoseph Van Kerkhove (1:35), an American infectious disease epidemiologist, who works at the World Health Organization, stressed the need for increased surveillance as a means to slow the spread of viruses such as monkeypox.

This need for increased surveillance is also encouraged by Yuval Noah Hurari, who is a lead adviser to Klaus Schwab (founder of the World Economic Forum). He is also a thought influencer to leaders such as Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Of the virus, he states, "Ideally the response to COVID should be the establishment of a global health care system ... for the entire human race. The COVID-19 crisis could be a watershed moment and significant change in the history of surveillance from over the skin surveillance to under the skin surveillance."

In an interview with CBS' Anderson Cooper, Hurari stated, "You know we will soon have the power to re-engineer our bodies and brains, whether it is with genetic engineering or by directly connecting brains to computers, or by creating completely non-organic entities, artificial intelligence which is not based at all on the organic body and the organic brain. And these technologies are developing at break-neck speed."

Harari may sound like a mad-scientist, but he is a renowned expert who talks of developing artificial intelligence, as well as other technologies like gene editing to create a race of human/machine hybrids.

It is the virus and vaccines which are the current avenue of introduction of these systems.

With increasing talk of monkeypox and the CDC Level 2 announcement, is this the next COVID-19 outbreak? According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "Monkeypox is a typically mild infection that often resolves in three to four weeks without treatment."

Despite that, President Joe Biden has already placed a $119 million order for a vaccine (created in February 2021).

The first case of monkeypox in the U.S. was reported May 18, 2022, with suspected monkeypox cases now reported in New York, Florida and Utah.

Karen Hardin is a literary agent and writer. She is the author of Infected: How to Stop the Global Spread of Rage, Deception and Insanity and God's Justice after Injustice. Her work has been published in USA Today, Western Journal, World Net Daily, Intercessors for America, Charisma, and more. Click here for how to receive a free copy of How to Overcome Adverse Situations prayer guide.

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