Songwriter Unknowingly 'Stirs Up' Angelic Presence While Leading Worship

11:00AM 1/7/2020

Songwriter Kalley Heiligenthal says sometimes we'll be in the presence of God, and the shifted environment will be so tangibly felt that we'll have times when we start doing things we don't understand. She shares an example of when she was leading worship for young adults, and her fingers were moving uncontrollably.

"I'm like, 'Why are my fingers doing this? It's so weird but it feels like the Lord, so let's go,'" Heiligenthal said. "And I'm sitting, Stef Gretzinger is speaking right after, and before she gets up, she's like, 'Kalley, are you still in the room? I saw as you were doing this [motioning with her hands], there were angels behind you with wings that were fluttering; it was an angelic presence in the room, and you're stirring it up with your hands.'"

You have access to God's peace and love every second of every day. We can ask for Him to flood our minds with peace, and begin to recognize the shift in our environment, Heiligenthal says.

"When we study the real thing, the counterfeit is very easy to identify," Heiligenthal says. "When I'm in a room and all of a sudden there's heaviness or fatigue or anxiety, I know this does not feel like the peace of God. Well, let's bring that now. We're training ourselves to know the difference."

To listen to the rest of the teaching on praying for and experiencing God's presence, click here.

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