Biden Admin Targeting Christian Family for Deportation

In a startling turn of events, a devout Christian family of nine, who sought refuge in the United States from persecution in Germany over 15 years ago, now find themselves facing the threat of deportation by the Biden administration.

Uwe Romeike, his wife Hannelore, and their seven children have called America their home since 2008. However, they were taken aback when immigration agents recently instructed them to prepare for deportation, leaving the family in a state of shock and uncertainty.

For the Romeike family, life in the United States has been a refuge from the religious persecution they experienced in Germany. Settling in a small Tennessee town, they embraced the freedom to practice their Christian faith and educate their children through homeschooling—a practice that faced severe restrictions in their homeland.

The family's ordeal began when the German government imposed hefty fines on them for choosing to homeschool their children, a path rarely permitted in Germany except for medical reasons. The fines amounted to around $9,000, and the authorities even threatened to remove the Romeike children from their parents' care.

Faced with this dire situation, Uwe and Hannelore made the courageous decision to relocate their family to the United States. This choice came after they were granted permission to live in the U.S. by an immigration judge. However, the family's legal journey was far from over.

During the Obama administration, the Department of Justice contested the judge's decision, leading the Romeike family to wage a legal battle. In 2013, the court ruled against them, asserting that they had not proven they faced persecution in Germany. Despite this setback, the family was allowed to remain in the United States, where they checked in annually with an immigration agent.

The recent directive to prepare for deportation provided the Romeike family with little explanation from authorities. Kevin Boden, an attorney representing the family and associated with the Home School Legal Defense Association, noted the perplexing nature of the situation. It is unclear whether the change in orders originated from a new official within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Biden administration or a misinterpretation by an individual ICE officer.

Amidst this turmoil, the Romeike family remains steadfast in their faith, trusting in God's plan for their future. Uwe Romeike expressed to The Daily Wire his unwavering belief that God can still work miracles, even in what appears to be an impossible situation.

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"This came as a surprise. We did not expect anything like this," Uwe said. "We still trust God to make a way for us to stay here. I know it's kind of impossible, but that's where we know God can still do the impossible."

The family's concerns extend beyond potential deportation. If forced to return to Germany, they face renewed persecution for their commitment to homeschooling. In their homeland, homeschooling can result in daily fines of around $300. Additionally, their children, who have already received their high school diplomas in the United States, would be compelled to reenter the German education system.

Uwe Romeike emphasized the gravity of the situation by sharing stories of other homeschooling families in Germany who had their homes and businesses confiscated by the state. The Romeikes remain resolute in keeping their children out of the public school system, firmly rooted in their Christian beliefs.

As this Christian family faces an uncertain future in America, it is essential to consider the broader context of immigration policies. The United States has been grappling with record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border. The debate surrounding immigration continues to be a contentious and polarizing issue, with millions entering the country without proper documentation.

In response to inquiries about the family's deportation, ICE stated that each case undergoes appropriate review by the Executive Office for Immigration Review. However, the sudden decision to deport the Romeike family remains a perplexing and distressing development for them and their supporters.

The Romeike family's unwavering faith and determination serve as a testament to the enduring power of their faith. Their story highlights the challenges faced by Christian families who seek refuge and freedom in the United States, even as the nation grapples with unchecked migration at the southern border.

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