Charlie Kirk with Floyd Brown: Changing the Narrative to Promote God's Blessings Over America


The interview with Floyd Brown can be found at 17:40.

Founder of Western Journal Floyd Brown has taken the initiative to expose the false narratives shaping American society today.

Joining Charlie Kirk on his podcast, "The Charlie Kirk Show," Kirk and Brown discuss Brown's new book "CounterPunch" and taking back the narrative in America to promote truth over lies.

"What I tried to do was...look at the larger narratives that we've been having to deal with [in America]. We have had a series of false narratives that have been shoved down the throats of the American people the last five years...they are all intended to make people feel powerless," says Brown.

"What I want to do is re-empower people, re-engage people so they can understand they can have a real impact where they are at if they occupy the territory where they live," he adds.

Parents across the country have been rising to this call-to-action, specifically in the past several years.

As the realization that school boards and unions across the country have moved to withhold information on students from their parents, there has been a tidal wave of conservative victories to oust the far-left radicals on school boards.

The aim of many parents who are challenging these school boards and the powerful unions that have a stranglehold on public education is to remove the indoctrination that has seen test scores plummet in the recent years, and replaced with a solid education that will set future generations up for success.

This, according to Brown, is how real change is made in America. With a grassroots movement and citizens taking back control of their own neighborhoods first, then their towns, counties, cities and states.

"It [CounterPunch] is really a call-to-action, to local action, to get involved in school board races, town council races, sheriff races...all of these key positions. A lot of times we [conservatives] lose races because we just don't show up," explains Brown.

Apathy within the American Christian church has had a catastrophic effect on culture over the decades. By not standing up and confronting the perverse laws, cultural shifts and hyper-sexualized entertainment, but instead accepting and tolerating these unbiblical practices and allowing children to be exposed to them, America has now found itself in the same situation as ancient Israel when they replaced God with the Baal's and Ashtoreth's.

Action is what is needed to right the ship of America. Actions such as being an active participant in American society and making sure Christian voices are being heard and are influencing behaviors in culture.

Correcting the spiritual aspects of America's moral decline takes intentional action as well.

Repentance is an action that Christians must corporately make to bring the heart of America back toward God.

To humble the church and turn away from occult practices, witchcraft and evil that has permeated the church on many levels in America, that too is needed action.

So, if you want to learn more on how to peaceably and patriotically make a difference not just in your own household and community, but America as whole, pick up a copy of Floyd Brown's call-to-action "CounterPunch" today.

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