Savchuk and Cahn Reveal Ancient Demon Ishtar Terrorizing America Today

Americans are reeling from the rapid speed in which sexuality and gender ideologies have taken over the culture.

It is no coincidence that God has been removed from society as rapidly, nor should it come as a surprise because this type of cultural climate has happened before.

Except this time, it is much worse.

Pastor Vlad Savchuk of Hungry Generation church sat down with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, author of the explosive New York Times bestselling book "Return of the Gods," to inform and equip Christians and non-Christians alike about the ancient pagan goddess that has conquered American society today.

"This has happened before, this has been happening, this is nothing new," Savchuk says sharing from Cahn's newest book.

"In our culture it's actually, now, more than [what] has happened before," he added.

After researching ancient texts and tablets in which God revealed the mystery of what is occurring in America today to Rabbi Cahn, he shares that it is in fact an ancient goddess known as Ishtar the transformer who is manipulating the sexual perversions afflicting America.

"I looked at her ancient tablets, her ancient inscriptions, she says, 'I am a woman. I am a man,'" Cahn reveals.

"It says in her hymns, 'You goddess, have the power to turn a man into a woman, and turn a woman into a man.' So, this is the goddess, the principality, of the destruction of gender; androgyny; merging male and female; and blurring female and male. That is what we are all watching in our culture right now," says Cahn.

"It is a spirit. It is not natural, and it is this exact principality that is affecting everything," adds Cahn.

Corruption of this type takes time, however, as the extreme shifting of culture has been taking place over decades since the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Those seeds of immorality and lust came to bloom in America in the 2000s, Cahn reveals, with three distinct acts of the government to destroy the institution of marriage.

"There have been three major rulings that have transformed sexuality, and they took place in a 12-year period," explains Cahn.

"The first one legitimized same-sex sexuality. The second one struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and the third one changed marriage forever. It alters marriage to become same-sex marriage," he adds.

Each one of these events Cahn highlights took place in the month of June.

Pride month.

Before the month of June was celebrated in the United States, it was the month of Tammuz and was the month when Ishtar would take over a culture with her twisted sexuality.

"The whole month is named after her [Ishtar] lover. This has affected our entire world now. One month where she'd possess a culture" explains Cahn.

"I looked back in the writings of the first Christians, because it was still happening, so I looked at the writing of Saint Jerome and he identifies it...the month of June. June is when she possessed the culture. [In] June she was the goddess of pride. So, June has become the month of pride, she's the goddess of altered sexuality, so June has become the month of altered sexuality," says Cahn.

So much has occurred in modern American history during this month that to believe it is all a coincidence may require a greater leap of faith than believing in spiritual forces orchestrating cultural events around the world with empirical evidence.

June 1969 saw the Stonewall riots kick-start the modern LGBTQ movement; June 1970 had what is considered the first "gay pride parade" take place in New York City; June 2003, in Lawrence v. Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that sodomy laws in the U.S. are unconstitutional; June 2009 has former President Barack Obama sign a Presidential Memorandum allowing same-sex partners of federal employees to receive certain benefits; and in June 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court declares same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states in a 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges.

All of this, and much more, has led America to the point where children are being taught in every state that they can change their gender, that men in drag are normal and that being sexual at a young age is a natural and good thing.

Pastor Savchuk and his fellow members of the Demon Slayer Podcast frequently encounter these sexually perverse spirits that are latched onto people. That is why deliverance ministry is so important for the soul of the nation. It is through the power of the blood of Jesus that people are being set free.

It isn't pretty, and it is sometimes uncomfortable at first, but it is an absolute necessity to set captives free from the demonic oppression that is controlling their lives.

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