New 'Equal Rights Amendment' Threatens Religious Liberties


The move to "update" works of art, cinema and literature for "modern audiences" has run American culture off the crazy cliff and into the sea of absurd wokeness.

This radical shift to promote far-leftist messages has had the biggest impact on the world by using politics to further taint the already corrupt pools of government.

Now, religious leaders in the United States are warning about the further erosion of religious liberty in the country founded on that very principle. All in the name of supposed "equality."

Waging war against semantics has caused many across the globe to be deceived by the utilization of words that mean good things, yet those who use these words have far worse intentions than what the words describe.

As reported by Fox News, "The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) published a letter this week warning Senate members against supporting the revival of the Equal Rights Amendment.

"The Catholic prelates voiced serious concern Monday regarding a motion in the Senate that would remove the decades-passed deadline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)—a proposed amendment to the constitution that would guarantee 'equal rights under the law' to all Americans regardless of sex.

"We are writing to you to express our alarm with a number of far-reaching consequences that will arise from the proposed Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and its negative impacts to the common good and to religious freedom," the USCCB wrote. "We strongly urge you to oppose it and any resolution attempting to declare it ratified."

This fear of the ERA being revived isn't to keep anyone from receiving fair and equal treatment, which is already enshrined under U.S. law, but to keep radicals from using this amendment to continue to keep the grotesque practice of abortion legal and federally funded.

The resolution to revisit the ratification of the ERA was brought forward by "Squad" member Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland.

"For far too long, women and LGBTQ+ folks have been relegated to second-class legal status by the courts and in law, and it is long past time we do something about it," said Pressley. "Constitutional equality is powerful, and with women and the states having done their part to ratify the ERA, Congress must swiftly follow suit."

For radical leftists like Pressley, women will never be considered equal under the law without fully funded and readily available abortion on demand.

Not to mention the inclusion of radical transgender ideologies being protected by the Constitution should this amendment pass, leading to even more depravity such as drag shows for children, the mutilation of America's youth and forced acceptance of these practices by religious organizations.

During the 1970s, conservative litigator and activist Phyllis Schlafly led the STOP ERA campaign.

Her reasons?

Ratifying the ERA would lead to gender-neutral bathrooms, same-sex marriage and women in military combat, among other things.

Oh, how right Phyllis was.

The left is working to eradicate the God-designed roles of gender by spreading the false narrative that anybody can be anything they want, regardless of reality and the natural conditions of biology and genetic makeup.

Now with the victory of Roe v. Wade leading to individual state battles to limit abortions or make them illegal, political purveyors of death are looking for new means to gain abortion access and funding.

Enter the ERA, cloaked in the guise of equality.

"One consequence of the ERA would be the likely requirement of federal funding for abortions. At least two states have construed their own equal rights amendments, with language analogous to that of the federal ERA, to require government funding of abortion," the USCCB wrote.

"Both supporters and opponents of abortion believe that the federal ERA would have this effect, as well as restrain the ability of federal and state governments to enact other measures regulating abortion, such as third-trimester or partial birth abortion bans, parental consent, informed consent, conscience-related exemptions and other provisions.

"While in the early years of the ERA debate some considered these abortion threats to be remote or 'scare tactics,' abortion advocates in recent years have freely admitted that they intend to use the ERA to litigate such abortion claims and anticipate that such cases would be successful," the bishops continued.

So, the next battlefield after Roe v. Wade has been established. The fight to end child sacrifice in America is not over, and Christians must continue to make a stand for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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