Another Conservative Network Axed by AT&T

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To control a populace, you must control the narrative. To control the narrative, you must silence the opposition.

In a time when free speech is viewed as under constant assault by conglomerate media, AT&T-owned DirecTV has cut ties with conservative news channel Newsmax.

If you read the articles from legacy media outlets, this is merely a negotiating tactic used by growing channels all the time.

Not to mention Newsmax was replaced by another conservative news outlet.

"DIRECTV will launch conservative opinion and commentary network The First across all three of its video services ... very soon," DirecTV said in a statement.

Led by the personalities of Bill O'Reilly, Liz Wheeler and Dana Loesch, The First is known to few and does not carry near the audience that Newsmax did.

Newsmax believes that they have been censored in a political witchhunt to silence their growing conservative voice.

Joining another right-leaning news outlet, OAN, on the removed list for DirecTV, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy said their removal was a "blatant act of political discrimination and censorship."

As reported by the Daily Wire, "AT&T's decision to nix both OAN and Newsmax came after Representatives Jerry McNerney (D-CA) and Anna Eshoo (D-CA) sent a letter in 2021 to the company demanding information as to what 'action' it was taking to counter the usual allegations of misinformation and disinformation on conservative channels—Fox News, Newsmax and OAN."

With the release of the "Twitter Files," the exposing of political censorship on free speech has been a prominent topic. Yet major media outlets have devoted next to no time covering it.

Is it because they do not want to lose the power they hold over controlling the narrative the public consumes?

Christians have endured this type of censorship before all across the world.

China and the Soviet Union banned Christian Bibles, yet they found their way into people's hands often from American missionaries.

Now, it is American citizens who appear to be enduring the beginning stages of mass censorship at the hands of its own government, Big Tech, Big Pharma and legacy media.

With a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, some members of congress are looking into the matter.

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) spoke to Newsmax regarding its removal from DirecTV's service.

"[House] Republicans need to hold the hearings to expose the woke corporate media, the woke corporate world that are using political ideology to make decisions instead of just being competitive from a business standpoint," Good said Friday. "They need to be held accountable for it, and I think we need to look at any funding that goes to AT&T, or any contracts that go to DirecTV from the government until they stop these ideological decisions that should be market-driven decisions.

"Newsmax is the fourth largest cable news channel, and not to be treated equitably, to be paid commensurate with others on a competitive scale, to be one of the top 20 cable channels overall, and not to be treated like other liberal channels, and other entertainment channels on this DirecTV specifically," Good said.

This move shows that diversity, equity and inclusion is not in fact the goal for far-leftists looking to reshape America into how they see it. The goal appears to be having the power to reshape America while silencing dissent that may prevent this grab for power in the land of the free.

Christians know the day will come when the world will try and silence the gospel of Jesus Christ, some may argue it is happening already. Believers must prepare and gird themselves for that day, for when the enemy tries to snuff out the light of Christ is when it will shine brightest for the world to see.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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