'That is Demonic': Jack Brewer Eviscerates Chicago Mayor's Re-election Ad

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As Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to tell the press that her administration is working on fixing the violent crime in the city, and that anyone who disagrees is a 'hater,' people are getting fed up with all the talk and little results.

In a recent interview with Neil Cavuto, former NFL player Jack Brewer called out the newest ad campaign by Lightfoot and the manipulation of facts contained within it.

"It's manipulation," Brewer stated. "I think that is the issue we face right now in cities like Chicago and all over the country is that many of our leaders have the audacity not to address these issues."

The ad in question claims:

"But on crime, Mayor Lightfoot's got a plan. When it comes to new strategies, new technology, Lightfoot's invested more than any mayor. Those are facts. Anyone who says there's simple solutions is lying."

However, Lightfoot has been embattled with her own police department for much of her tenure as mayor. The relationship has become so toxic that Chicago police officers have turned their back to her in a display of derision and contempt after two CPD officers were shot in 2021.

Crime is only getting worse in Chicago as the city leads the country in the number of homicides, but Brewer tells in the interview how shocked he is by the number of youth committing many of these crimes.

"You hear the stories of these poor people, whether they're store owners, or just folks trying to live their lives, sending their kids to school every day," Brewer continued. "I've been in two prisons this week. I was actually in a juvenile facility yesterday. To see the spike in juvenile crime, in gun violence, it really is depressing. I must admit, I was blown away by the number of violent crimes happening by kids at such a young age."

This trend of rising crime in major cities is not just limited to Chicago, but has found its way across the country in places like New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland just to name a few.

"And Chicago is the epicenter of this disaster," Brewer claimed. "And so, for Lori Lightfoot to get on TV and to run an ad like this that manipulates so many people, it's disheartening. It's sickening. Manipulation is witchcraft. This is something that is demonic, spiritually, for you not to really have the love in your heart for the people who live in that great city. Enough is enough."

Sadly, America is seeing an influx of witchcraft and demonic activity in many areas of society.

Watching TV these days will expose one to numerous occult-based shows that are becoming more popular, from AMC revamping Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches to Marvel's descent into dark magic with the Scarlett Witch series, and the newest Dr. Strange movie all being steeped in the occult.

Following politics, one can see the exact same influence in the leaders of this country. Fighting for the slaughter of unborn children to continue while lighting up the White House in a perversion of the rainbow that God sent to establish His covenant with Noah, Christians have the duty of contending again demonic activity in America. And they have the power to do just that. Armed with the authority Christ claimed with the spilling of His blood on the cross, filled with the Holy Spirit and equipped with the full armor of God, Christians must pray, fast and war in the Spirit against the principalities who look to turn America away from her Creator.

Along with the spiritual aspect of violent crime plaguing the nation, Brewer also highlights the need for rehabilitation in a practical manner to teach those who are incarcerated the errors of how they have been living their lives.

With monumentally successful Christian rehabilitation programs like the one founded by Pastors Tommy and Matthew Barnett at the Los Angeles Dream Center, this type of outreach not only can but will transform a community using practical applications of Christ's love and having God at the center of their ministry.

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