Twitter Confirms Conservative Voices Were Silenced by Former Regime


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Elon Musk's recent remark that he is at "quite significant" risk of assassination for revealing the crimes of Twitter are certainly understandable.

With the second release of the "Twitter Files" by journalist Bari Weiss, Musk and his team revealed the shadow banning of conservative voices was a reality, not a conspiracy.

For years, the liberal media, Big Tech and Democrat politicians claimed that the shadow banning of conservative, Christian and medical voices that contradicted their ideology was a mirage, and a baseless conspiracy. That's because they knew every word of it was true.

Not only did the release of the second batch of "Twitter Files" prove beyond doubt that the demagogic Left has been silencing any voice that challenges their narrative, but founder Jack Dorsey did indeed lie under oath in 2018 that Twitter did not shadow ban users.

The print and broadcast media, the Biden administration, major social media platforms and political leaders all knew they did this. And they stayed silent because they were all a part of it.

Twitter Media Coverage

The silence coming from the federal government and mainstream media is a glaring admission of guilt.

As reported by Fox News, any mainstream media coverage of the "Twitter Files" was kept off air and away from their audiences.

If they aired such an admission of everything the Right had been claiming for years was true, it would damage their brand and message.

Conservative pundits like Dan Bongino and Charlie Kirk, who had been professing for years that they were being silenced by Twitter and other social media entities, were fully vindicated as they were brought up specifically by Weiss in her report.

Charlie Kirk also ended up sharing about meetings he had with Jack Dorsey personally and told to his face that he was not being shadow banned, only to have exactly what they said would not happen, happen.

Perhaps the most eye-opening, and horrifying, reactions are from those within the U.S. government who went from denying the shadow banning, to fully supporting the bans and looking to investigate Elon Musk and Twitter.

Why? Because he revealed the truth.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) tweeted that "Twitter absolutely had the right to enforce rules against COVID deniers, who were disproportionally on the right" in response to Musk's statement that the rules were enforced against the right, but not the left.

Prior to this, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) called for action against Musk and Twitter, along with Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA), after tweeting false statistics regarding slurs used on Twitter. Musk personally responded to the accusations with the facts of how slurs have decreased since his takeover of Twitter.

Suffice to say, the fight for actual Free Speech in America is heating up. And even though Musk's purchase of Twitter exposed a large amount of the corruption, bigotry, political targeting, harassment and targeting of conservatives, the chips are against them.

Tech giants Google, YouTube, Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Chinese-owned TikTok are in no danger of being bought out by a free speech enthusiast billionaire. And after Musk's purchase of Twitter and the amount of corruption still being exposed to the light, those in power will hardly allow such a takeover to happen again.

As these earthly struggles continue, Christians worldwide can find peace in the fact that God is in control despite the chaos on earth. The Word of God says that people will flock to evil, and it will be considered good.

Christians were being silenced just as much as mainstream conservative voices were, and still are being censored on platforms like Facebook. But the gospel was spread across the world without the help of technology, it just needed devoted followers of Christ who persevered in the face of adversity.

Thankfully, in times such as these, Christians have the greatest Helper the world has ever seen: the Holy Spirit. God knew the times that were coming, and equipped His followers to show the world the love of Christ so that they too might be saved.

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