Anarchist Teacher Hides Agenda, Stays Employed in Different School Districts

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The level of spiritual and ideological attack that children and young adults are under today is staggering.

Everywhere they go their senses, emotions and spirits are assaulted with lies, unnatural points of view and biblical distortions.

These assaults are carried out by "teachers" like Tyler Wrynn, also known as Tyler Parks. He is a teacher in Oklahoma who has had to previously resign from the classroom, yet was hired by another school district.

Project Veritas recently exposed Wrynn's continuing attempts to influence his students in a segment of Veritas' ongoing series, "Secret Curriculum."

"They couldn't stop you. Obviously, you're teaching, so that's good," the undercover Project Veritas journalist quipped.

"No, they definitely couldn't. Owasso was like, they were super—they didn't want to stand up to the parents, which I get. I mean, it's Oklahoma, so what are you going to do," Wrynn said. "But they definitely didn't [____] me over, like nothing went on my record. I could resign instead," he added. "So, I didn't like, tarnish my teaching experience with them."

This account of a school district protecting a teacher who was forced to resign due to accusations of grooming and doing everything but teaching children is not exclusive to his district. Often, teachers such as Wrynn are not fired by school districts, but resign and are given clean slates on their permanent records so they can continue teaching elsewhere.

Founder of Project Veritas James O'Keefe went through the extensive social media of Mr. Wrynn and noticed his rhetoric aligned with what many in the group Antifa believe. Yet this is not the image Wrynn wants discussed because it will put the spotlight back on him.

"Now, Tyler's recent TikToks attempt to portray him as just an alternative teacher dabbling with wearing neckties and mocking accusations that he indoctrinates his students," said O'Keefe.

"Despite his denials of being a Antifa sympathizer, Tyler sure talks like he supports the radical agenda," O'Keefe said. "The Antifa movement is defined by the Anti-Defamation League as being 'a decentralized, leaderless movement composed of loose collections of groups, networks and individuals. Because there is no unifying body for Antifa, it is impossible to know how many adherents are currently active."

Currently, Wrynn has to try and fly under the radar with his lessons for students, because it is Oklahoma's House Bill 1775 that is keeping him in check:

"The only thing that's a problem here [in Oklahoma] is that House Bill 1775 or something. I can get my license revoked for it, for being too woke...Trust me, I want to burn down the entire system.

"Eventually, you want to remove Christianity—or religion [as a whole]—from progressive thought, because religion is inherently hierarchical."

This situation, with similar cases across the United States, highlights the need for parents to be active and involved in their children's education.

Parents in Florida recently stood up and said enough, which led to sweeping victories for conservative candidates throughout the state. Most notably, the school board over Miami Dade County became the largest county in America with a conservative majority.

Christians across the world are called to action by the Word of God (James 2:14–18; 1:23–25). These recent victories show God is moving within the country, but He needs His people to stand up, speak out and take action in the spiritual warfare that is being waged across the globe.

James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media.

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