Look What a Tongues-Speaking, Black Conservative Candidate did for Donald Trump

Lavern Spicer (Lavern Spicer Facebook page)

"Lord, cover this man in the blood of Jesus." Lavern Spicer, a black conservative woman running for Congress in Florida's 24th District, took to Twitter this week to release a prayer for President Trump in light of the political persecution that he is enduring as the leading opposition figure to the governmental regime currently in power.

Spicer, who has a bold voice as @lavern_spicer on Twitter championing conservative Christian values, tweeted on Aug. 15, "Seizing Trump's passports means they're about to move in to arrest this man. Lord, cover this man in the blood of Jesus because they're trying to make him suffer for ALL the crimes & corruption he exposed. We are not going to let this stand when we get the majority. No way!"

Spicer says that she is tired of the Democrats walking all over her and her city of Miami. This is why she launched her bid for the Republican nomination in her District in South Florida. The primary election will be held on Aug. 23.

"Here in Miami, we've let Democrat politicians walk all over us," says Spicer on her campaign website www.spicerforcongress.com. "After decades of broken promises, I finally woke up to the lies of the Democratic Party. Now, I'm helping bring tens of thousands of Black Americans into the Republican Party."

Courageous leaders, such as President Trump, motivated her to take a step of faith forward and run for office, despite the fact that she does not come from the class of political elite. She got fed up with the identity politics of the Democrats—a party now controlled by radical, left-wing extremists.

"Democrats only judge me by the color of my skin—but I'm much more than just a Black woman," says Spicer, who wants to help Miami thrive once again. "I run a family, a small business and a food bank that serves my community."

Spicer is bringing some sassy "spice" to her campaign to stand up against those politicians who care more about power and control than people, civil liberties and freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

She tweeted on Aug. 14, "Someone just said I'm the Black version of @RepMTG and @LaurenBoebert. I'll consider that as an honor, thank you very much."

Next week's primary election in Florida will determine if America continues to hear Spicer's pro-Christian voice in the political realm. But one thing's for sure: Spicer will continue to be praying in the Spirit.

If Lavern Spicer does become part of the "Christian Squad," is America ready for a black conservative woman with the slap-back of the Holy Spirit to engage in spiritual warfare and win the soul of America back for Christ?

Spicer is heading into the election with strong faith that God has called her to political office for His purposes, and He will be the one to make the way, so she can be a blessing to others. She sees most politicians as being a "blessing" to themselves. She aims to change that. Unlike President Obama, she wants to actually deliver "hope and change" through the power of the Holy Spirit. As a result, people will be blessed.

"My whole life, I have been trying to help my community. It's been 20 years of running my food bank and I still see the same people there, begging for help, 20 years later," Spicer says. "I'm going to Congress because someone has to help these people out ... and I'm going to be the one to do it."

Voters in south Florida will decide next week if she gets an "Amen" to that prophetic declaration. She has given it all to God and she has done all she can do to win in an area where the odds are low for a black woman of her spiritual awareness and fearlessness to be victorious. But she believes the consequences are now in God's hands. She represents the "Make America Spiritually Awake Again" movement.

On fire for Jesus, Spicer is boldness personified.

Anthony Hart is a freelance writer for Charisma News.

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