The Predictable Violence Has Begun: Wisconsin Pro-Life Group's Headquarters Vandalized

Less than one week after the leak that the Supreme Court might overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion law, violence and attacks on pro-lifers have begun. On Sunday, Wisconsin Family Action reported on Facebook that "a leftist anarchist group" had attacked its office in Madison, throwing two Molotov cocktails into the office, breaking windows and then proceeding to light a fire.

A group called Anarchy 1312 took responsibility for the attack, leaving its logo on an outside wall and saying, "If abortions aren't safe, then you aren't either."

Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Action, says that tolerance from the Left is "truly a one-way street."

"While this attack was directly provoked by the leaked draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dobbs case earlier this week, this has far broader implication," Appling said in a statement. "Violence has become their (the left's) answer to everything. This is what happens when leadership is missing or when leadership implies that violence is OK. In 2020, Gov. Tony Evers basically looked the other way when violence erupted in Kenosha and Madison. That kind of non-response fosters what happened to us this morning, leaving Wisconsin citizens who disagree with his policies extremely vulnerable to similar violence."

Appling said that Evers' response to the incident "said nothing about demanding a full investigation and criminal prosecution." He merely told his supporters that he would keep supporting abortion.

Appling said that Wisconsin Family Action won't be intimidated by the violent event. In fact, it will make the nonprofit even stronger.

"But this attack fails to frighten us, and instead steels the resolve of law-abiding, common-sense, every-day folks to stand up and push back," Appling says. "We know today it is Wisconsin Family Action getting Molotov cocktails tossed through broken windows and fires ignited, but tomorrow it could be anyone in our state or another state who is attacked because we disagree with a policy or action, give voice to the voiceless, or stand up for what's right."

Appling said she expects this incident is not the end of violence concerning this crucial and volatile issue and that the hypocrisy of the Left will continue to come to light.

"The violence needs to stop and stop now," Appling says. "It's not the answer to any question or any problem. Just because the liberals don't get their way, doesn't give them license to threaten bodily harm or to burn and destroy.

"Wisconsin has had enough of this kind of terror condoned by current state and national leaders. But we are still standing. We still support freedom. We love our republic and care for our neighbors. We will repair our offices, remain on the job, and build an even stronger grassroots effort. We will not back down. We will not stop doing what we are doing. Too much is at stake."

In a White House statement, President Joe Biden condemned the attack on Wisconsin Family Action.

"President Biden strongly condemns this attack and political violence of any stripe. The President has made clear throughout his time in public life that Americans have the fundamental right to express themselves under the Constitution, whatever their point of view. But that expression must be peaceful and free of violence, vandalism, or attempts to intimidate."

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor for Charisma Media.

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