Microchips in Brains? Poll Shows Many Link It To Totalitarian Rule

It has been the subject of science fiction stories and movies for years. Technology fused with the human body or brain to help us think faster, fight off disease, store memories and, in theory, have a longer, more productive life.

Some forward-looking analysts think such a human-machine cyborg fusion would upgrade humanity from our human species to more of a Human 2.0 — a designation that could be made for a biomedical upgrade, using technology or enhancements to improve people's lives.

But a recent John Zogby Strategies nationwide online poll of likely voters reveals widespread worries about such future technology that's being worked on by tech pioneers like Metaverse's Mark Zuckerburg; Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and Space X; and Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum.

Zogby asked respondents about Musk's prediction on having a microchip implanted in a human brain: Is it the next level of human evolution/life-improving or do you worry it will bring humanity under totalitarian control?

An overwhelming 77% of those polled worry "microchip implants will be used to usher in a never-before-seen level of totalitarian control." Only 10% said it will improve lives, according to the pollster.

The same people were also asked about Schwab's prediction that humans will one day merge with artificial intelligence or A.I. Respondents were asked if they thought it would improve their lives or if they were not interested in joining with A.I.

Zogby reports almost 7 out of 10 (67%) prefer to remain human and "not merge with A.I." Only 18% believe the transition would bring about "new heights of prosperity."

Zogby Managing Director Jeremy Zogby noted the support for merging with A.I. appears highest among the 18- to 25-year-old age group.

"Does this signal a rift in our species down the road? When young adults mature, will as many still be willing to take a leap of faith towards tech-driven evolution?" he asked.

"It is likely to become the top issue of the day in the near future," Zogby predicted.

So far, getting humans to adopt microchip implants has been a tough sell. As CBN News has reported, many Christians reject them because of concern they could be a prelude to "the mark of the Beast," which Revelation chapter 13 says will be "a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads."

But the marketing "tipping point" for implantable chips, The Atlantic noted in 2018, will come "when they become so useful they're hard to refuse; when their benefits outweigh our anxieties about them. It could happen sooner than you think."

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