ReAwaken America Tour: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains the Search of Bipartisan Truth

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (
Clay Clark's ReAwaken America Tour, featuring Gen. Michael Flynn, continues to attract well-known speakers and is creating a diverse group of presenters. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, pastors, patriots, media hosts, business owners, Latinos, African American, Asian, Caucasian and more—both Christian and non-Christian—share the stage with the same goal in mind: the essential need to know the truth to restore our nation.

In addition to founding the ReAwaken America Tour, Clark is founder of and host of the He and his partner, Dr. Robert Zoeller, have started and grown 13 million-dollar businesses by networking with business owners and have helped thousands of business owner clients.

After receiving calls from business clients with concerns about the impact the management of COVID-19 would have on their businesses, income and families, Clark went into a deep research mode to learn what would help his clients. In the process, he learned many disturbing truths about the origin and management of the pandemic that mainstream media, many in the medical community and the government were not telling the public. In response, Clark held his first event in April 2021, open to the public for the purpose of revealing truth.

The response by attendees has been strong as anticipated. However, the response from those desiring to speak at the events has been a surprise, according to Clark's team. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is among those well-known individuals who contacted Clark and wanted to be part of the speaker lineup. As a member of the wealthy and well-established Kennedy family and prominent member of the Democratic Party, Kennedy's addition as a keynote on the tour lends credence to the fact that Clark is not promoting political parties, but truth.

Kennedy is an American environmental lawyer, chairman of Children's Health Defense and New York Times bestselling author with his newest book, titled The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Much of what Kennedy shared at the ReAwaken America's Anaheim, California tour stop was inspired by his book and the extensive research he has done.

Opening his presentation in July, Kennedy told the audience he would be talking about what is happening in our country, how things are being done and would expose the corruption of Dr. Anthony Fauci out of the desire to protect our democracy and our children. He acknowledged there is a lot of partisanship polarization and encouraged the audience to start recognizing children are neither Republican nor Democrat.

Speaking specifically about the Democrats, Kennedy said, "They have drunk the Kool-Aid and are listening to voices of authority while believing they are doing the right thing for kids." He went on to say, "It's criminal medical malpractice to give a child one of these vaccines. And I don't tell anybody not to get vaccines. It's your personal choice. But giving them to kids with the excuse that it will protect older people is criminal. We don't do that in our country. We have a disease that kills older people, and we have a vaccine that kills children and younger people. Nobody is making this calculation."

After citing reports from The Lancet in support of his position, Kennedy said, "I'm going to also state something that we need to remember as Americans. There are many things that are worse than death. We need to love our freedom more than we fear disease. The founders of our country ... who fought in the American Revolution, who died in the American Revolution—they were dying to create a Constitution we could live by. And we need to be willing to die for that Constitution too. [Americans] are people who are bound together by principle and shared values. And those values are embodied in a document that our ancestors died for. And there is no pandemic exception in the United States Constitution."

Kennedy explained how our Founding Fathers were entirely aware of the effects of a pandemic, stating there was a smallpox pandemic in the middle of the American Revolution that stranded the army of New England for about four months. "Everybody knew about it," he said. "Everybody knew that it [the pandemic] threatened our country. Yet, when it came time for them to put our rights into writing they didn't say 'Well, all of these are waived as soon as there's a pandemic.' Our job is to make sure that there is no waiver, ever."

Kennedy explained the process we've endured has been a systematic dismantling of our rights, which has been astonishing to all. "Like every effort to impose tyranny on a people—on a democratic nation—they have to start with censorship. And the founders knew that. That's why they put it in the First Amendment."

Kennedy said that President Joe Biden, during the July 16 White House press conference, ordered Facebook to censor him and 11 others, then added, "I don't see how anybody doesn't understand that the First Amendment is implicated here. Once they did [break] the First Amendment, now they can go after religion, also in the First Amendment. Who could have imagined two years ago that a doctor would order every church in this country closed for a year? And they kept the liquor stores open as essential businesses. The liquor store isn't in the Constitution. The church is!"

Specific to violation of our property rights with the management of COVID, Kennedy gave several examples of constitutional rights violations from the Sixth and Seventh Amendments. A slew of specifics were not upheld according to the Constitution, which according to Kennedy's legal interpretation, abolished our due process and property rights in one sweep. He also expressed deep concern over the fact that vaccine manufacturers are immune from litigation.

Regardless how grievous the injury, they cannot be sued for damages, and this one factor means they have no incentive to make certain the products are safe.

Kennedy explained how his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, spent three years of his presidency fighting against the military industrial complex, which had grown out of control and caused the president to fight a war with his own military apparatus and the intelligence agencies. He spoke of how his own father, Robert F. Kennedy Sr., who campaigned against the military industrial complex and the intelligence agencies, was assassinated during his presidential run.

On two occasions when Kennedy said he needed to cut his presentation short, the audience wouldn't have it. This allowed Kennedy to provide a history lesson about:

— The economic impact of the end of the cold war and how the military assured funds that had been allocated to them would remain theirs.

— How the anthrax attack three weeks after the 9/11 attacks put us at war with Iraq.

— How the source of the anthrax three weeks after 9/11 was later traced to be from one of three U.S. labs, most likely the Emergent lab, where Anthony Fauci worked on one of the COVID vaccines, complicit with our intelligence agencies.

— How Event 201 was a simulation, better called a training drill, on how to handle a pandemic in order to produce the desired outcome, sponsored by the CIA.

— How Bill Gates and Fauci played key roles in the many years of simulations, who became partners with the goal to vaccinate the world.

— How the simulations employed a technique known as the Stockholm Syndrome, which brings hostages to believe their release will only occur by their absolute obedience to their captures.

— How the CIA's mind-control experiments of the '60s and '70s known as MK Ultra, including the Milgram experiment, provided them insight on how to influence people to respond as they intend.

— How Fauci has been involved in bioweapons research—funded by U.S. taxpayers and the military—and moved his research overseas to the Wuhan lab.

Kennedy's extensive presentation helped the audience string together various events over several decades and provided potential insight to present-day realities.

At the conclusion of Kennedy's keynote, Clark returned to the stage and closed the session, stating, "Its' not about Democrats or Republicans. It's all about seeking the truth."

A video replay of this first day of the two-day Anaheim event, when Kennedy presented at the ReAwaken American Tour stop, can be seen here.

Pamela Christian is an ordained international minister with an honorary doctorate of divinity, a speaker/teacher and award-winning author of the book series Faith to Live By. She hosts a weekly podcast, also called Faith to Live By, on the Charisma Podcast Network. As a charismatic apologist, Pam's passion is to help people discover and live in life-giving truth to gain spiritual victory over life's issues. Find her at to learn more about the various aspects of ministry she offers.

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