Top of the Week: Mario Murillo's Message From God About California's Lockdown Threat

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Before I talk about the lockdown and the message from God for California, let me talk about San Francisco.

San Francisco was once the most beautiful city in America. Even Billy Graham once said that San Francisco was so beautiful, "I hesitate to preach about heaven while I'm here."

I know all about that beauty, because I grew up there. Indeed San Francisco once was heavenly, but now it is a living hell. An ash heap of despair, filth and violence.

You cannot walk the streets without being assaulted by the stench of marijuana clouds on Market Street. Hundreds of zombies sit in lawn chairs up against stores. Watch your step! That could be human waste or a dirty needle.

Stephen Strang: Is America Headed for Civil War?

Are we headed toward civil war? Are we on the verge of something like America experienced in the mid-19th century when millions of men went to war and more than 600,000 never returned, instead filling early graves over the issue of slavery and states' rights? Is this the future of our country?

Many level-headed Christians are not just resigned to the fact of an impending civil war but calling for immediate preparation for such a thing. Rational, stable professionals I know have begun storing food and necessary items (who wouldn't, after the 2020 toilet paper shortage?) in preparation for breakouts of violence or potential supply chain disruptions. Others I know personally who have never owned a weapon now carry a gun with a concealed carry permit. With thousands, maybe millions, behaving this way, it becomes difficult to dismiss as a fad or faulty assessment of the future.

Successor to Megachurch Pastor John Piper Resigns Amid Allegations of Leadership's 'Unethical' Behavior

Jason Meyer, successor to famed evangelical pastor and bestselling author John Piper, resigned from Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sunday amid allegations of what is termed as "abusive behavior" and a toxic culture among the church leadership. Piper retired in 2011 after 30 years in the pulpit to focus on other aspects of his Desiring God ministry.

"Meyer is part of a growing exodus of leaders and members leaving Bethlehem, a church with some 4,500 members on three campus which is seen as a flagship church in Converge, formerly the Baptist General Conference," reports Ministry Watch. Although Meyer offered no public reason for his resignation, another former Bethlehem pastor, Bryan Pickering, told ministry watchdog Julie Roys that the church culture was "domineering, bullying" and responsible for "damaging behavior."

Pickering wrote a letter read to the congregation July 11 which read in part:

I have seen several congregants (current and former), elders (current and former), and a former administrative assistant profoundly mistreated by elders in various ways. I have also seen leadership act in ways I would describe as domineering. I have also seen patterns of deception among our elders that are deeply concerning. I have tried on several occasions since early 2020 to speak up to others about these patterns of behavior. Increasingly in 2021, especially and intensely since March, I, too, have experienced what I would call bullying behavior. It is now clear to me that it is best for everyone for me to resign.

Medical Students Request Religious Exemption From COVID Shots

Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) on behalf of three medical students who were denied religious exemptions and have received threats from the school for refusing to take the COVID injection. The Louisiana Attorney General also issued a demand letter to VCOM.

Students R., S. and K. are medical students at VCOM and were notified that the administration was requiring them to receive a COVID-19 "vaccine" as a condition of enrollment and participating in classes and activities in person. They are also required to wear a mask until they provide proof of being fully vaccinated. The three students hold sincere religious beliefs that prohibit them from receiving the COVID shot.

Louisiana law requires all colleges to grant an exemption from a vaccine upon receipt of a "basic written dissent" from the student. They exceeded the legal requirement by submitting the school's "forms," their own personal letters and statements from their ministers substantiating that having the injection violates their sincerely held beliefs. One student also opposes the shots because they all used aborted fetal cell lines in the testing phase, and Johnson & Johnson also uses aborted fetal cell lines in the deployment or distribution phase. This student believes life begins at conception and the intentional destruction of a human life is sinful. Her sincerely held religious beliefs prevents her from participating directly or indirectly in abortion or the destruction of human life.

The Antichrist and Mark of the Beast: How Close Are We?

Generations of scholars, both secular and religious, politicians and Christian believers, have had their choice for the Antichrist. Included in that list throughout history have been Nero, Napoleon, Hitler, the Pope, Henry Kissinger, Gorbachev and any number of American presidents.

The Antichrist will be possessed of Satan, and halfway through his time as the ruler of the world, he will have murdered over one quarter of the world's population. Those he doesn't murder will be required to worship him and take his sign, the mark of the beast. Some even suggested at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic that the vaccine would become the precursor to his evil mark. That of course is to be debated.

Yet we are becoming a totally digital, highly technological world, where a nanochip controls everything. How close are we? A number of things still must happen before that becomes clear. One thing is certain, however. His arrogance will be so great he will walk into the temple of God in Jerusalem and desecrate it in an act called the abomination of desolation. But ultimately, he will be removed from power forever by Jesus, the Messiah, who will return and be victorious over all.

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