CN Morning Rundown: Michael Brown: God Is Not Discouraged

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Michael Brown: God Is Not Discouraged

The Scriptures often speak of God being grieved or angry. But they never speak of Him being discouraged.

That's because discouragement is not an "emotion" that exists within the Godhead. How could it? Discouragement would imply despair. Or hopelessness. Or defeat. And all of these emotions—to speak of the creator in human terms—are totally foreign to Him. Ultimately, in Jesus, they should be foreign to us as well.

Of course, it is only natural that, as human beings, even human beings who have a close relationship with the Lord, we will pass through seasons of discouragement.

Title X Battle to Defund Planned Parenthood Rages on in Supreme Court

This has been a pivotal week in the battle to defund Planned Parenthood. The Supreme Court dismissed three cases challenging the Trump administration's "protect life regulations," defunding millions from Planned Parenthood. At the same time, we filed a new formal public legal comment urging the Biden administration not to reverse the current pro-life rule.

As we explained earlier, the protect life regulations prohibit the use of Title X money "to perform, promote, refer for, or support abortion as a method of family planning." Title X is a federal program dedicated to providing preconception family planning services to the nation's neediest citizens.

The regulations barred grant applicants from providing abortion counseling and referrals, and required them to have financial and physical separation from any abortion provider. Under the prior regulations, physical separation was not required, and abortion clinics exploited this loophole. For example, the National Abortion Federation created an information packet on Title X, instructing abortion clinics that "[i]f a facility receiving Title X funding is itself an abortion provider, it may make what is known as a 'self-referral.'"

Google Docs Updates Auto-Correct Algorithm to Be More 'Inclusive'

Alphabet—the parent company for Google—announced this week it is updating its auto-correct algorithm to be more "inclusive."

The app will now correct sex-based language. For example, rather than using words like "mailman" or "chairman," Google Docs will auto-correct to phrases like "mail carrier" and "chair" or "chairperson," according to the Daily Mail.

The company announced Tuesday, during its I/O Developers Conference, that it will give users suggestions on ways to avoid "offensive" and gendered language.

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