CN Morning Rundown: Shawn Bolz Says God Is Anointing People From All Walks of Life

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Shawn Bolz Says God Is Anointing People From All Walks of Life

As believers, we are hardwired by God's infinite design to hear His voice, feel His presence and be led by His Spirit. Hearing God should be as natural as breathing for the child of God.

In fact, above all else, we must learn to hear His voice so that we can engage with our divine purpose to effectively walk out our unique callings on the earth.

Many people think that God only wants to speak with us about the areas of our life that are seemingly spiritual or that God speaks with ministers and church leaders predominantly but not necessarily people who engage in other professions. This divide between the sacred and the secular has been closing over the years as believers have been challenging this narrow-minded thought process.

Samuel Rodriguez Says Promises Keepers Event Aims to Cancel 'Hate' Culture

In an age when every voice is given equal space online, and every cause is celebrated even if it contradicts another, it's not shocking to see hundreds of skirmishes in our nation's ongoing culture war.

Still, it was surprising that the nation's second-largest newspaper, USA Today, turned over its platform to an opinion writer to mainstream anti-Christian hate by calling for the cancellation of a Christian service at AT&T Stadium in July. The screed, given the provocative title, "Don't use Dallas Cowboy's name, AT&T Stadium to Mainstream Anti-Trans Hate," was even more surprising to me because the editorial targeted a former Los Angeles police officer (Compton, to be exact) and chairman of a men's movement called Promise Keepers. And what provoked the torrent of hate unleashed on Christians in this editorial? The audacity of Promise Keepers and Harrison for calling on men to come to AT&T Stadium to become better men, better husbands, better fathers and better members of their churches and communities.

I was taken aback that anyone could interpret this as spreading "anti-trans hate." I'm not Ken Harrison, the one organizing the event. But I am one of the speakers, and nowhere in my speech did I intend to spread hatred or to attack anyone. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, and as a follower, my purpose is to help, heal, minister, love and in essence, live as close to the model Jesus gave as I possibly can.

Despite COVID Restrictions, Bill Johnson Says Churches 'First Have a Responsibility to God'

As the senior leader of the charismatic megachurch, Bethel Church, in Redding, California, Bill Johnson was one of many ministry leaders in the state who were put into an awkward position by Governor Gavin Newsom during the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 and 2021.

Johnson and other kingdom leaders worked diligently with local authorities to do what was lawfully responsible during the pandemic. But Johnson told me on a recent edition of the Strang Report, their biggest priority is to "maintain the values that we have as leaders of a church family."

In other words, leaders could not ignore their duty to their congregations and their vow to God to continue to bring the gospel to the masses.

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