Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly Asks for Prayer for Rival CNN Political Reporter


Consistent with his public expression of faith in God and His miracle-working power, Greg Kelly, host of the popular program Greg Kelly Reports on Newsmax TV, ended his program Monday night breaking new ground in the hypercompetitive world of television media outlets. He asked viewers to pray for a CNN employee's child who has cancer.

Kelly said he follows Andrew Kaczynski on social media. They've never met.

Through tweets, Kelly learned of his daughter's battle. As a father of a little girl about the same age, 10 months, he expressed compassion, empathy. During Kelly's request of viewers, a picture of Francesca, connected to tubes, flashed on the screen.

"I see this stuff on social media, and it's tough," Kelly said. "It's probably the toughest thing for a little girl to endure or for a father to endure as well. So lately Andrew, over there at CNN, has been putting it out on social media, 'hey, my daughter could use some prayers right now.'" Kaczynski tweeted,

Kelly was brave to treat prayer, and God, with respect on air before a national audience. He has created an opportunity for charismatic Christians to answer the call to pray for the child of a man who works at a network famous for ridiculing, ostracizing and disdaining Bible-believing Christians, especially those who believe the Lord is still at work on earth today.

It's also an opportunity to combat the false narrative that conservative Christians are full of "hate" when, in reality, Holy Spirit-filled believers are the first to release the love of God through the gifts of the Spirit, including miraculous healing.

How remarkable would it be if CNN were to report on air that baby Francesca has been miraculously healed of cancer, attributing to the prayers of charismatic Christians who touched the heart of God through a passionate pursuit of His miracle-working power being released?

CNN may not go as far as to report that the baby girl has been totally healed by the stripes of Jesus, but Spirit-filled Christians have a track record of effective prayer, cultivating an atmosphere for signs and wonders.

But if there is one host on cable news who may be more open to reporting about the latest acts of the Lord, it may be Greg Kelly, who ended a recent show by showcasing the Bible itself—specifically, the Life Principle Bible with commentaries by a well-known Christian author and minister with Pentecostal roots.

Kelly tweeted about the Bible in mid-November, relating biblical stories to current-day events. "I've read about what's happening now in the GREAT book: I highly recommend! (Lots of footnotes and explainers for comprehension)."

Unafraid to amplify the gospel on social media, he recently retweeted singer Kaya Jones saying: "Satan thought he won on Friday. Jesus walked out of the tomb on Sunday. Monday it's on."

Kelly is poised to become one of the go-to commentators in cable television news for pro-America common sense conservatives and Spirit-sensitive Christians alike. He is quick to incorporate his faith in Christ into his political commentary.

Greg Kelly Reports has been the fastest-growing television program in broadcast news and commentary in America for the past month and has helped elevate Newsmax in 2020 into the same league as the cable networks, including CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.

Has God Blessed Greg Kelly?

CNN Business reported that Greg Kelly's program averaged 80,000 viewers in the run-up to Election Day and "topped 800,000 on the first weekday after Biden was projected as president-elec." Furthermore, Kelly's show has since reached as high as 1.1 million viewers on a single weeknight.

Kelly is unapologetically pro-America, pro-Bible, pro-Trump, pro-military, pro-law and order, pro-life, pro-U.S. Constitution and pro-election integrity. He has been a fixture in the New York media scene for decades. Plus, he is the son of the former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

He communicates like a man on a mission, and he uses his rapidly expanding platform to mix conservative views, reality checks, humor, thoughtful analysis and seeds of faith—all wrapped in an approachable and easy-going style. He contrasts the in-your-face style of hosts at competing networks.

Kelly has much to be thankful for and has reason to say his prayers have been answered. He has emerged as a formidable force in cable news, doing and saying unconventional things that harken to the Judeo-Christian values upon which America was founded.

Is Anyone Else Believing for a Miracle for President Trump?

Greg Kelly sometimes sounds more like Joel Osteen than Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson, but he speaks statements of faith that a charismatic believer can appreciate. When all looks lost—as the mainstream media would have the nation believe—about the fulfillment of a number of prophecies that President Trump would be reelected, all that is left is the Holy Spirit stepping in to demonstrate the power of God in the affairs of men.

"Do you believe in God?" Kelly asked a guest on air last night, conveying a sense of wonder. "I do, and I think we need a miracle. And I quite frankly think a miracle could happen. Miracles have a way of following this guy [President Trump]. I mean, the media wants to discourage us right now, but I feel like we are due for a major break."

Not only can Kelly pronounce "The book of Psalms" correctly, but he has made a decision to be open about his growing faith in God. No matter what level of spiritual maturity he is at right now, charismatics would be wise to pray for him regularly because the spiritual attacks will only increase as his platform grows and he speaks the truth.

He welcomes the prayers for himself and others, even rivals at CNN.

Follow Greg Kelly on Twitter @gregkellyusa. His program airs at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. (ET) weeknights on Newsmax TV.

A.B. Petrucci is a freelance writer.

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