Why This Filmmaker Follows Sean Feucht's 'Let Us Worship' Events

Sondra Martin Hicks with Sean Feucht
Sondra Martin Hicks with Sean Feucht (courtesy Sondra Martin Hicks)
I was awakened at 7:30 on a recent Saturday morning to the sound of a text coming in on my cell phone. Wishing I'd left it on silent, I reached for the phone to take care of that oversight—but not before glancing at whatever was important enough to wake me up.

After reading the message, I knew I couldn't go back to sleep. "Can I sow a 'seed' for your next documentary on Sean Feucht via Zelle?"

I replied out loud, "I'm not doing a story on Sean Feucht?" I then replied via text with something similar.

"All I know is what Holy Spirit told me when I was praying this morning," my friend texted back. I told her to hold on and let me think about this.

"Where do I send the seed money?" she texted again.

For the next 27 hours, I couldn't get this idea off my mind. God was definitely weighing in on this subject.

I decided to look up Feucht's event schedule. He was in Florida that day, and the next event dates were all in Texas. Big surprise: I live in Texas. I took a deep breath and said, "Yes, Lord. I guess I'm not going to take a few weeks off as I was planning."

I picked up my phone and called my friend Lance Wallnau. I told him this story and hung up. Seventeen minutes later, Feucht's assistant called me, and I had a new assignment.

My first stop with the "Let Us Worship" team was Fort Worth, Texas. I stood in front of the stage where Feucht had been leading worship for over an hour and watched as the man at the microphone shouted out, "I'm going to count to three, and if you want Jesus to save you and redeem you, run up here as fast as you can. Shove your way through the crowd. Let nothing stop you. One—two—three."

From every direction, hundreds of people hungry for a Savior pushed their way through the crowd of nearly 7,000 worshippers to fall on their knees at the front. I heard sobbing and wailing as their tears flowed. The crowd, which had joyfully made room for these new members of the faith, gathered around them, prayed for them, hugged them and spoke words of encouragement. Feucht led them in a prayer that would forever change their lives.

Many chose to be baptized that night in a portable baptismal. I don't know how many made this decision, but the baptisms went on for several hours, continuing after the service ended.

But this night was not like a typical evangelistic service: a little singing, a lot of preaching and then an altar call. It centered on expressing love to Jesus through all-out worship. The evening didn't start out small and work up to something big. It started with full-on worship, and from the first strum of the guitar, the crowd was all in.

After about 75 minutes of this, a man came to the microphone, gave a brief testimony and offered to introduce others to Jesus.

Psalm 22:3 says God inhabits the praises of His people. He means it. I see this happen in every city where a "Let Us Worship" event takes place. Many are finding Jesus because the sound of praise and worship cleans out the atmosphere and removes the oppression so people can feel Jesus. And when they do, they want Him. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Revival is here. I see it everywhere. There is a new boldness in believers. I think of the verse that say, "You will tread on the lion and the cobra" (Ps. 91:13a, NIV). It seems that this sleeping giant called the church is waking up and being filled with courage and a warrior-like mentality to take back our country for our God. It is exhilarating to see what God is birthing in this new season. The bride of Jesus is being set on fire, and it's contagious!

The story of "Let Us Worship" is a story of hope. My film will allow God's people to see what He is doing and to be encouraged not to lose hope during the dark days we are in and the even darker days that surely lie ahead. A wise pastor said to me recently, "There is always a picture of hope in the middle of hell breaking loose."

I am going to do my best to capture this hope and bring the stories to you. Only a few cities remain before the big finale on the Mall in Washington, D.C. With each city visited, there have been divine appointments. Incredible people are serving God in unique ways I have never before witnessed. As I pray for guidance in sharing, I believe these stories will build your faith and give you a joyous hope that God is actively, passionately pursuing His bride.

Sondra Martin Hicks is the founder and CEO of HeartStone Pictures. She is an award-winning filmmaker, author, speaker and teacher with more than 35 years of experience. Find her on her website, heartstone.tv.com.

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