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A quick note before we get started: Mark Taylor of KNEO radio in Joplin, MO, interviewed me in February on his Crosspoint radio show. The audio file is now on the wildtimes.us web site.

Last week I introduced the audience to Daniel 7 and stated that this chapter has been incorrectly understood for hundreds of years to be a retelling of the Daniel 2 statue vision about the Babylonians down to the Romans. I'm adamant that it is not and instead is a prophetical forecast of nations, or kingdoms, that are current for this time.

Modern nations are the topic of Daniel 7, and it is imperative that Christians understand this to get out of our collective, spiritual fogginess to get prepared for coming judgment on US, followed by judgment on other nations leading up to the revealing of the antichrist.

Jesus said Scripture cannot be broken, such that anyone saying "all is well" or "all will be well" until Jesus returns is not speaking from God, for when Scripture says one thing and man says another, reject the man.

Even apart from understanding prophecy, Jesus adjured us to use common sense and "read the signs of the times." To any watchful Christian, the signs of the times should indicate disaster is on the way. The current coronavirus crisis should be viewed by Christians as a warning shot across the bow to wake up and get ready for greater difficulties.

The nations are lining up for the "wars and rumors of wars" that Jesus warned of in Matthew 24. It is critical for Christians to understand where we are prophetically as a nation, for the primary purpose of prophecy is to prepare for things to come. As Peter said about prophecy in 2 Peter 1:19, "...take heed."
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