2005 was a difficult year. I wanted to stop practicing law. On vacation, I met an evangelist who said I should visit Living Word Christian Center (LWCC) and Joseph Business School (JBS) when we got back to Chicago. I did not.

Two years later, we moved, bought a dog, named it Joseph, and enrolled our daughter in St. Joseph High School. Looking for a place to worship, we found LWCC, and I enrolled in JBS.

On the first day of class, we were asked to stand and give our business idea. I stood up and said: "I am opening the Evans International Law Firm." Before I could catch the words, they were gone. I questioned myself over and over, thinking, "Why did you say that? You don't know how to do that! You have never even been inside an international law firm. I thought you were doing something else."

Then calm swept over me. It would be OK.

Lesson 1: When you are in your purpose, the Spirit is leading. You will not always understand what is happening; you have to trust.

Lesson 2: "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and self-control" (2 Tim. 1:7). There was even a sign hanging in class that read, "THIS IS A NO-FEAR ZONE." Fear comes, but you have to fill your mind with prayer and Scriptures and apply godly wisdom. The JBS instructors taught using the Scriptures and God's wisdom for every class.

After graduation, this lesson would be truly tested. I did not have the funds to start the law firm. But I did have a confession.

Lesson 3: Always write the vision (Hab. 2:2). I had a confession based on this Scripture. I shared my concern about funding with a classmate, and he gave me a confession which called in money. I remained steadfast and diligent. Unexpectedly, I received a financial settlement, which I used it to start the business. My colleagues are an ever-present inspiration and support. Today, I run a successful international law firm, and prayer confessions are a part of our business daily.   

Lesson 4: This lesson came through Dr. Bill Winston, the founder of LWCC and JBS, when he taught our class on "Kingdom Business." He shared that Joseph in the book of Genesis dreamed a dream that was larger than him. Why? God was putting him at the top for the benefit of other people. He had to go through a very painful journey, but could never give up. Through Joseph, I learned we all need emotional control, trust and wisdom. All that I went through in my life and career, especially the difficulties, set me up for "such a time as this." It's the Joseph plan.

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