As a growing family, living in expensive New England, Massachusetts, business owner and entrepreneur Rob Willington knew he needed to find a way to pay for his family's medical costs. The options available to him and his family via the Massachusetts Health Connector were limited and unaffordable. As a family of faith, they also had objections to many of the products and services conventional health insurance providers are mandated to cover.

Willington and his wife learned of Liberty HealthShare from a friend and member of the nonprofit health care organization that offers affordable medical cost sharing, an alternative way to fund health care. The family of six enrolled as members, received their membership cards and began sending their monthly share amount of $449. The membership was put to the test several months later when their youngest son, Liam, became ill.

He was admitted to a local hospital with a potentially life-threatening illness. Liam's doctors were convinced his condition required a transfer to a hospital in Boston. Transporting Liam via an ambulance in Boston traffic was a risk that could not be taken, and as a result, a life flight was called in for transport.

Liam's parents knew he needed the flight, but they worried about the expenses. They were left with the choice of which option was better for their son, and they chose to put Liam on the flight.

Liberty HealthShare members were there for the Willington family; members shared their medical costs 100 percent. This allowed the Willingtons to concentrate on the health of their son, not medical costs. Liam received the specialized treatment needed for his illness and made a full recovery.

The Willingtons show their appreciation by reciprocating each month when they send their monthly share to another member with expenses to pay. The family knows firsthand how it feels when others across the nation extend their personal financial and emotional support.

The health ministry consists of people who agree that liberty, freedom and the choice to choose an option that fits best for each individual are a person's God-given right. Liberty HealthShare members are exempt from the individual mandate of Obamacare and take a personal pledge to meet the needs and medical expenses of other members enrolled.

Liberty HealthShare members share in up to 100 percent of necessary medical expenses, including alternative treatments. Liberty HealthShare is a national community of like-minded people, committed to helping take care of each other's medical expenses. Memberships are offered for individuals, couples and families.

Liberty HealthShare members have an open network, which means they choose their own doctors and hospitals without the hassle of co-pays. Dealing with medical crises and expenses is stressful, so Liberty HealthShare aids in making the situation as easy as possible for the member. There is a team of professionals that will advocate on the member's behalf throughout the process to manage the individual's care efficiently.

Liberty HealthShare is a community of people who commit themselves to help pay medical expenses giving members a peace of mind to concentrate on the priorities at hand as opposed to the healthcare costs.

View the Willington family's story of their experience with being a member of Liberty HealthShare. Check out more about Liberty HealthShare's sharing guidelines, membership dues and annual unshared amount by visiting  or to speak to a member service representative call 855-585-4237.

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