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Codebreakers Leader: Connecting the Dots of Kim Clement's Prophecies

Sunil Isaac
Sunil Isaac of Codebreakers has attempted to connect the dots on some of the late Kim Clement's prophecies. (Submitted photo)

No one can sincerely discredit the prophetic gift of the late Kim Clement.

In 2013, he prophesied the Dow Jones Industrial Average would climb to 20,000 (it was, at the time, on a "winning streak" and had reached a record high of 14,447.29). It happened.

In 2014, more than a year before President Donald Trump announced his candidacy, Clement prophesied that a future leader of America would come forth and "restore the fortunes in this nation because of his brilliance." The president is now working hard to "Make America Great Again."

In the same prophecy, Clement also shared:

"California, you are dying because of a drought. Watch My sign, watch the sign of rain for I told you there would be severe wind from above and all the states that are affected by this severe weather have been set up for a shaking of My Spirit and an outpouring of My Spirit. California, I am looking at you."

California's drought has been turned around to the point that dams are nearly bursting.

Are you ready to pay attention now?

Sunil Isaac, who leads Codebreakers, has been working with Clement and his wife, Jane, has been working in Jerusalem and wrote a piece for the Elijah List in which he "connects the dots" on those prophecies and others that are about to be fulfilled. He wrote:

I am writing to you from a balcony in the Old City of Jerusalem overlooking both the Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives. It's a place where I can see the invisible—the clash between good and evil, light and darkness. During His time on Earth, the Mount of Olives is where Jesus frequently went at night to rest and commune with the Father, from where He ascended to heaven, and according to biblical prophecy scholars, where He will return "in like manner" (see Acts 1:11).

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism where the holy of holies, the most holy place, was located during the first and second temple periods. According to Jewish tradition, this area is ancient Mount Moriah where Abraham, in obedience took Isaac, his son of promise, to offer him as a sacrifice to God. Among Sunni Muslims, the Temple Mount is widely considered the third holiest site in Islam.

There is not a more contested piece of property in the entire earth than the city of Jerusalem, specifically this tiny strip of land known as the Temple Mount. Wars have been fought and much blood has been shed through the millennia over this small piece of land. And still today, nothing is as controversial and news-worthy as this piece of land with ramifications reaching streets around the world.

During the last days of the Obama administration, the United Nations passed a resolution which stated that any land that is controlled by Israel according to the border lines drawn after June 1967 is considered "illegally occupied" territory by Israel. In other words, the nations which gathered at the United Nations in New York City half a world away just declared that the Western Wall is illegally occupied territory by Israel—where the first and second temple once stood and where Abraham bound his son Isaac in obedience to God. Today, the plot of many nations is to pave the way for a forced two-state "solution" disregarding the security consequences which the state of Israel will face as a result.

Since our House of Destiny team arrived here with Jane Clement (Kim Clement's wife) not long ago, Israel has experienced rocket attacks, terror attacks using knives and guns on its streets, and Iran has threatened Israel by stating that their "roaring" missiles only need seven minutes before they will wipe out Tel Aviv, Israel.

A few days ago, Jane Clement and I filmed a Codebreakers report from what is believed to be the future site of the American embassy in Jerusalem—if President Trump does what previous presidents and nations have not done—which is to relocate the nation's embassy to Jerusalem. (No nation currently has its embassy in Jerusalem.)

This would be a significant statement to both friend and foe that America recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Yes, things have significantly changed since President Trump came into office, not only in America, but on the streets of Israel. Times have changed. The new leader of America is embracing Israel, and there will be repercussions ...

You may be wondering why I am speaking of Israel and Iran, 1967 Borders, Trump, Obama and the United Nations, when this article is focusing on the Dow hitting 20,000 and the Dinar. The simple answer is that they are all connected. It will take prophetic wisdom like the wisdom possessed by the children of Issachar, who understood the times, for us to be able to step into our promises including death to debt and financial prosperity. Understanding the times is of vital importance because there is a time for every purpose.

The children of Issachar had "understanding of the times and what Israel should do" (see 1 Chron. 12:32). In other words, the times dictate our actions. When a football team at midfield is trailing by six points with three seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter, that is the time to throw down toward the end zone and not run a quarterback sneak. The time and situation dictates the action. We have entered a specific time that calls for a specific action in order to achieve victory. Do you recognize prophetically the correct time? 

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