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Prophecy: Gabriel Says We Must Keep Praying

President Donald Trump
International speaker Kathie Walters said she and many others saw angels appear during the inauguration. (Reuters photo)

International speaker Kathie Walters attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and writes for The Elijah List that while she was there, she saw angels, including Gabriel.

She says:

Along with thousands of other God-loving Christians, I was praying and fasting for America during the elections. Like many others who saw things happening in the spirit realm, I was so happy to see Donald Trump get elected as president of the USA. I waited with great anticipation for the inauguration like everyone else, yet I really had no thought of going myself. I don't like crowds, and the thought of trying to walk for miles and getting on trains was overwhelming to me. But a friend of mine really wanted to go and had bought us tickets, so we went, and we drove to Washington, D.C., from Georgia.

I had seen many angels already concerning this election and this administration, as many other people had also. On the 19th of January when we were safely in the hotel, I was still thinking of reasons why I shouldn't go out and actually leave the hotel, walk to stations, get on the subway and then walk more, and whatever else we had to do in order to go to the inaugural prayer breakfast.

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I had seen many demonic spirits leave Washington, D.C., as so many people were praying not only all over this country but actually all over the world. Many thousands of Christians had been in the streets of D.C. in the previous weeks, declaring and praying away all the dark things.

The night of the 19th, the day before for the inauguration, we were in our hotel relaxing. I suddenly was lifted up in the spirit, and I was over the whole area over the Capitol where the swearing-in was to take place. I saw a high wall and it looked like it was made of glass, as I could see through it. On the wall were tall angels standing shoulder to shoulder—all around the area like a guard. Well, they were a guard. Nothing could come through the wall, spiritually or naturally.

Then I saw President Donald Trump speaking and making his pledge to God and the constitution and the American people with his hand on the two Bibles Melania was holding up for him. I then saw Vice-President Mike Pence take his oath.

The crowd started cheering and getting very excited, and the angels jumped off the wall and started mingling with the crowd. They were also excited ... but my thought was, Oh no, they should stay on the wall. But when I looked around there, were other angels now on the wall, standing shoulder to shoulder, just as the others had done. These angels were shorter, had dark hair and looked Italian to me. (I haven't figured out yet why God sent Italian angels to Washington, D.C.)

Walters wasn't alone in seeing the angels in Washington, D.C. She shared the observations of others as well as what these angels were doing in our nation's capital. Click here to read the entire article.

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