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Lou Engle Prayer Group Receives Dream to Target Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania

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Charismatic Christian Leader Lou Engle is leading one of multiple nationwide prayer and fasting endeavors. While meeting with a team planning the preelection seeking of God, prayer partner Chris Berglund shared a dream he received.

In the dream, Engle told people: "We have a pro-life, pro-Israel and pro-independent-from-nations man in office, and tonight we're going to see a movie called Exigency, for it's time to take the legislative branch."

Berglund wasn't familiar with the word 'exigency.' He looked it up in the dictionary upon awakening.

"But the sense in the dream was that we had secured President Trump's seat in prayer, and it was now urgent that we focused on the House and the Senate," wrote Cheryl Amabile, editor of The Briefing, in a news release.

Drawing a comparison between President Truman's reelection and sweep of Congress to President Trump and current slate of legislators, the group urged prayer warriors "to pummel the airways over Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania with the blood of Jesus and win the vote in these three states."

"This is not the first time that God has prophetically exhorted us to win the spiritual battle over the legislature," Amabile wrote.

Earlier in the year, there was a dream in which Engle had been appointed by Trump to be "U.S. intercessor," an authority position over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

"We believe this dream is not just about Lou (Engle), but about a whole company of intercessors who are taking their place along with this general of intercession," Amabile wrote.

"We also know that we battle not against flesh and blood, i.e. Nancy Pelosi, but against the powers and principalities that hold sway over her and her position as the majority leader in the House of Representatives," she added.

A Second Dream

In another dream, Berglund saw a SWAT tent that few could enter because the cost was comparable to the price Daniel paid when he "loved not his life unto death" (see Rev. 12:11) and opened his windows before all of Babylon (Dan. 6:10) to pray.

Berglund dreamed he stepped into the tent and approached a table with the letters "EMP" on it. In the dream, "EMP" then changed to "WMP" with a voter registration card beneath it. Berglund realized WMP to be Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Inside the SWAT tent, Berglund heard a voice saying, "Our weapons are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds." He knew believers had been given power and authority over these states, but people needed to pay a price, using spiritual weapons.

"We understand that we've been given many spiritual weapons but, interestingly, the phrase 'weapons of our warfare' (and its acronym WOW) have actually been emphasized to us in past dreams referencing the Esther Fast and its power to contend against the 'world of witchcraft' (another WOW)," Amabile wrote.

The group is on an Esther Fast through the election.

She continued, "Let us plead the blood of Jesus over Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and decree the interrupting of the demonic power grid of darkness and deception over these states prior to the election.

"The 'better blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel' literally has a frequency—the very sound of mercy—that triumphs over sin and any evil that the enemy can array against us."

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