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Can Republicans Be the 'Unexpected Nightmare Voters'?

(Unsplash/ Noah Pederson)
Like countless others who did not vote for Trump in 2016, there has been a dramatic change! As a Hispanic conservative, suburban woman, I saw the Donald Trump of 2016 as a bombastic, braggadocios showman. He could not and did not earn my vote.

Despite relentless and unfair opposition, his accomplishments over the past four years have been incredibly breathtaking! He has more than earned my respect and even love. His strong leadership and real love for America has won me and thousands—nay millions—completely over.

His unstoppable persistence has successfully advanced the "America First" agenda in a way few believed was possible. Promises made, promises kept! It has been stunning to behold. America is winning again—a stark contrast from the previous administration that sought to diminish our country as President Obama continually apologized for the U.S. to the rest of the world.

This election choice could not be clearer: It is a choice between life and death. President Trump has been the most pro-life and effective president this country has seen. His policies in word and deed stand for the sanctity of life. Biden and Democrats push for and, indeed, celebrate, abortion. They stand for abortion at any time, for any reason, and at taxpayer's expense. The Democrats have even refused to vote for basic humane protections for babies born alive during an abortion.

It is a choice between liberty and government control. President Trump respects individual rights and freedom. He unleashed the economy by reducing government regulations, which resulted in record unemployment, including for minorities. He has encouraged our country to safely open up churches, businesses and schools as the fight against the coronavirus marches onto effective treatments and vaccines. His tax cuts allowed citizens to decide how best to spend the fruits of their labors. His support of law and order as well as the second amendment brings about safe communities all Americans desire.

On the other hand, Biden and the Democrats want more government control in their march to socialism. That direction is a descent to communism and loss of liberty. They have adopted Marxists methods. This includes mainstream media featuring propaganda rather than straight news. Also, they use the cancel culture to silence those who dare disagree. Many have learned dissent carries a price—attacks, loss of jobs, shaming or censorship from social media.

Another trick is to promise healthcare, education and housing for free. They know a government that can give you everything is empowered to take it all. Just ask a Cuban or Venezuelan how that worked in their devastated countries. They also foment civil unrest. Democrat-run cities have allowed the lawlessness of violence, rioting, burning and looting. Many law enforcement officers have been injured or murdered, made to stand down and some defunded. As their elected officials encouraged the "peaceful protests."

This election, I will be part of the many unnoticed voters who have watched the extreme Democrats and quietly, patiently waited to be heard loudly. Our votes will proudly go to President Trump. Last time my non-vote did not matter, since I was in California. Now residing in Florida, it really does matter as all votes and lives do. We will come out to work, to donate, to vote and block the nightmare of a Biden presidency.

To Biden and the extreme Leftists, we will be the unexpected nightmare voters!

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