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'In God We Trust' Creator Calls for Prayer and Fasting

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Christians are being urged to pray and fast ahead of the Nov. 8 general election. (Reuters photo)

Recently, Cornerstone Television CEO the Rev. Don Black sat down for a 10-question Q&A to discuss the ongoing In God We Trust joint ministry.

He also took the opportunity to announce a 21-day prayer and fasting devotional program focused on the final three weeks of the 2016 election cycle, culminating with Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8. Here's what he had to say:

Q: Tell us about the inspiration for In God We Trust. What message will viewers receive when they tune in?

A: The timing behind the release of In God We Trust is obviously connected to this year's election cycle. But more than that, it was born out of a sense of urgent concern for our nation and the impact that the coming election can have on her future. The message is straightforward. God has not given up on America and neither should we. Although the special calls on Christians to vote, in a much deeper way, it is calling the church to return our trust to our divine Creator rather than men and the political system that they uphold. America needs a miracle and we can experience that miracle as we call out to God through repentance, prayer and fasting.

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Q: What do you hope to accomplish as a result of networks airing this special?

A: In the 2012 presidential election, it is estimated that nearly 38 million Christians did not vote, and more amazingly, over 70 percent of that number were registered to vote. Our goal for this nationwide campaign is to touch 100 million Christian citizens within a 90-day period to inspire and motivate them to pray, fast and to cast their vote in this coming election. Christians must take a stand and sign the In God We Trust proclamation to send a clear and strong message to our governmental leaders.

Q: It seems that there are people out there who feel like America is a lost cause, yet the message of In God We Trust calls believers to take an active stand and not give up hope in America's future. What does this program do to foster that hope?

A: It is important that we, as Christian Americans, have a better understanding of our liberty and the price that has been paid to secure those freedoms—both in relation to our country and to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of our most influential Christian leaders have come together to inform, inspire and encourage believers that America stands at the cross roads of destiny. One direction leads to a firm foundation that is only found in trusting God and His Word for life. The other direction moves our nation further away from His plan and His purpose for us in history. Our greatest hope is found in Christ alone and this nonpartisan television special will point clearly to Him and not to men.

Q: There are many people who are unhappy over their choices for president and are considering staying home on Election Day. What would you say to those people about exercising their right to vote this year?

A: We have been blessed to live in a nation where we have the opportunity to select our leaders. With that opportunity comes responsibility and an obligation to exercise that freedom. To not do so displeases God. We are not asking viewers to vote for any specific candidate. Whether they are conservative or liberal, the issue is to vote. Every vote matters!

Q: There are quite a few notable Christian leaders taking part in the presentation. Who are they, and what role do they play in the special?

A: It is important that people hear from their leaders in times like these. We have been able to gather several distinguished voices together from many different denominations to issue a clarion call to Christians nationwide to pray, to fast, and to vote, returning our government to the foundation of biblical values on which it was established through their positive political action.

These voices include those of Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network, Robert Jeffress, First Baptist Church Dallas, Andrew Wommack, Andrew Wommack Ministries, Joyce Meyer, Joyce Meyer Ministries, Perry Stone, Perry Stone Ministries-Voice of Evangelism/OCI, Henry Fernandez, Henry Fernandez Ministries and The Faith Center, and Gordon Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network.

Q: People will have the opportunity to sign a proclamation. Tell us about the proclamation itself, what people are pledging to do, and how they can sign up.

A: The proclamation is an acknowledgement that our rights as human beings are endowed by our Creator and that the Constitution ensures our right as Christians to openly live our lives based upon God's divine Word. It upholds our belief in the sanctity of life as well as that of a traditional view of marriage between one man and one woman. In signing the proclamation, people will be pledging themselves to pray, to fast and to vote in November. People will have the opportunity to sign the proclamation online through our television affiliate partners.

Q: What will be done with the signatures?

A: We hope to secure hundreds of thousands of signatures and send them to both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House. We will also send them to all presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Q: Tell us about the In God We Trust 21-Day Action Plan.

A: The In God We Trust 21-Day Action Plan is a downloadable devotional guide that will lead participants through 21 days of prayer and fasting for the nation. It will be made available through our television affiliate partners free of charge to those who sign the proclamation.

Q: How can people find the program in their area?

The program was shot on location in Washington, D.C., and is hosted by Kristi Watts, former co-host of The 700 Club. It began airing on Labor Day and will run up to the election. The program will air in 30-minute or 60-minute lengths on participating networks and stations.

10. What is your broadcast plan and goals?

A: In God We Trust is being offered to select Christian television networks and stations for airing. Our goal is that more than 100 million television homes will be able to watch this special at least once in a 60-day period leading to the election.  Our prayer is to impact 1 million Christian citizens to vote in November who did not go to the polls in 2012. Many broadcast ministries have agreed to partner in getting this message out quickly. Keep checking our website for networks, stations and air times. We are using video segments to feature on Facebook and YouTube so please visit the website,, and join the effort.

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