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Church of God, Pentecostal Holiness Church Call Out Principalities, Powers in Kavanaugh Chaos

Tim Hill preaches at the Church of God General Assembly.
Tim Hill preaches at the Church of God General Assembly. (Church of God/Facebook)

Some charismatic leaders have called attributed the chaos around Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings to Molech and Jezebel. Others don't define specific powers or principalities, but recognize the confusion is a major sign of spiritual warfare.

"We live as citizens of two kingdoms: the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world. Both make their unique claims upon us, though as Christians we confess that the ultimate claim is Christ's kingdom. This reality always leads us to the tasks of prayerful discernment about what the apostle Paul called the 'principalities and powers' operating in the world," says Doug Beacham, general superintendent, International Pentecostal Holiness Church.

The swirling confusion results from at least two women reporting the Supreme Court nominee allegedly sexually assaulted them decades ago.

In the wake of such severe accusations, charismatic leaders like Tim Hill say now is the time for everyone to be heard.

"The confirmation of a justice to the United States Supreme Court is one of the highest duties and responsibilities of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the U.S. Senate as a whole," Hill, the presiding bishop of the Church of God, tells Charisma News. "After an intensive series of hearings and production of records by Judge Brett Kavanaugh, new allegations have surfaced that question his truthfulness and integrity. There is no question that the accusers must be given the right to be heard—and heard completely. Further, Judge Kavanaugh must be allowed to respond to the accusations.

"The truthfulness of his accusers and the truthfulness of Judge Kavanaugh will then be left in the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee to determine. All the speculation about who is or is not telling the truth now is just that—speculation. Press statements and comments from lawyers and administration officials are all the American people have heard at this point. I would suggest that judgment be withheld until we have heard from the principals," Hill says.

Beacham agrees.

"The allegations of abuse from Dr. Ford should be seriously considered and investigated. All victims of assault, regardless its particular nature or the gender of the victim, should be treated with dignity and have their complaint taken seriously. Such responses are not simply Christian, they apply to all citizens as part of our duty in a republic where liberties and justice are Constitutionally guaranteed," Beacham says. "At the same time, those same issues of liberty and justice apply to the accused. Mr. Kavanaugh is entitled to have his denials taken seriously, and reasonable proof brought forward. The allegations against him should be dismissed if they do not have substantive collaboration and the US Senate should proceed with their vote."

Despite the suspicion surrounding the circumstances, Beacham says there is validity in investigating the claims.

"The accusations matter for several reasons. First, they help us discern if Mr. Kavanaugh is truly the person he has presented himself to be. This is extremely important because if confirmed, he will influence the nation for the next 30 years. Second, the voices of sexually abused women and men, young and old, must be heard and this dark stain upon humanity exposed for what it is. Third, as a nation. we must discern the intent and hidden agendas operating within, beneath and behind the kingdoms of this world. We must not be naive about the power of power. No party, no candidate, no nominee, is immune from the deceptions and manipulations of power. We should add that the same applies to all of us whether in the church or outside," Beacham says.

COG's Hill says there are two ways forward through the mire: prayer and voting.

"And while the American people will not get a vote on the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, we will get a vote on Nov. 6. It is at the ballot box where we can change the future of our country. However, too many believers have given up on voting and instead contend that their vote does not matter. However, every vote matters. Every election matters," Hill says.

"While I believe that every allegation against a person who is seeking appointment to a lifetime position needs to be heard, I am concerned that these allegations were not made known by some politicians months ago when they heard of them," Hill says. "Had that happened, investigations, interviews and hearings could have been held in an environment not over-shadowed by an impending election."

Hill continues: "As Christians, it is incumbent upon us to pray for our leaders to have guidance and direction as they represent us. And that is what I am calling upon today. As Christians—as Americans—I hope that we will all pray for our elected leaders, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, that they will have the wisdom of God as they make vital decisions impacting our nation. Our country depends upon us."

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