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Nation Still Feeling the Quake of the 'Trump Aftershock'


If Donald Trump's election was an earthquake, his accomplishments since then are the aftershocks the world never saw coming.

The Trump agenda, promoted daily to millions of voters is helping to "make America great again." At the same time, the opposition's agenda is to obstruct and ultimately impeach Donald Trump.

The new book Trump Aftershock by best-selling author Stephen E. Strang explores how Trump's agenda aims to free the economy and stock market to boom as never before; restore the federal courts with judges who rule by the Constitution, not legislate from the bench; address the surge of illegal immigration; rebuild the U.S. military to ensure peace through strength; combat the media's fake news war; deal with foreign leaders through an unconventional approach; expose the deep state and agenda of former President Barack Obama; strengthen ties with Israel and find a lasting peace in the Middle East; protect religious liberty and traditional values; uplift America's standing in the world while putting America's interests first and much more.

In Trump Aftershock, Strang explores the president's effect on American culture from a Christian perspective. The book, out on Election Day, Nov. 6, 2018, will uncover the unreported facts while objectively helping readers understand what the nation's most unlikely and unconventional president has accomplished, including 500 accomplishments in the first 500 days of the Trump presidency.

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"Donald Trump's election was unexpected," Strang writes in Trump Aftershock. "Even for those who worked hardest for his election, the realization that the New York billionaire had actually won struck like an earthquake, shaking everything and everybody. If you read my first book, God and Donald Trump, you know I believed he might win, so I flew to New York for his election-night party. However, I admit I was nervous. But being there on that historic night, I saw even his most ardent fans could barely believe it as the returns came in. And that was just the beginning.

"The aftershocks have continued ever since the inauguration, affecting politics, business, foreign affairs and the culture in many new and surprising ways," Strang added. "The panic that ensued on the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, was due mainly to the fact that no one in either party had given much thought to what the world would look like if Hillary lost the election. The polls and the talking heads had been saying for months that she had it in the bag. Then suddenly, everything changed. Democrats found themselves staring into the face of a harsh new reality: They were out of power and the candidate the left feared more than any other would be taking care of business at the White House. Today, we're still dealing with that reality, uncovering secrets and shenanigans long hidden in darkness, and doing our best to deal with the aftershocks coming from those stunning revelations."

Strang is an award-winning journalist and successful businessman who began his career as a newspaper reporter at the Orlando Sentinel. He later founded a Christian publishing house and media company while interviewing and writing about nearly every Christian leader in the country over the past four decades.

Trump Aftershock is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House, which has published books that challenge, encourage, teach and equip Christians, including 14 New York Times best-sellers.

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