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Former Lesbian Sounds Off on Vital Factor in Presidential Election

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We are living in crucial times, times in which words alone will be powerless if not followed by actions and deeds. Laws are being changed to support choices that are contrary to our values and to God's word. If we remain complacent, the consequences will be tragic for our children and our nation. Our 2016 elections are around the corner. We get to decide who is going to lead our nation. The leaders we elect will determine our future in several important issues, including marriage, family and our religious freedoms.

While you may be having a hard time trying to figure out who to vote for, there are some important things to consider. Ministries that assist men and women who want to leave the life of homosexuality, such as Janet Boynes Ministries, are under fire. Many of us are afraid and have become silent because of the voices that would like to shut our ministries down. I know this: as long as the Bible is our compass, we will never be lost. Without the Bible as our guide, we will not know the will of God for our lives and the heart of God for the lost.

I'm not going to tell you who to vote for or who not to vote for. However, please consider these thoughts. We need our next President to be someone who supports our Biblical views on homosexuality, someone who will stand with us when we are fighting to keep men out of women's bathrooms and women out of men's bathrooms, and someone that will stand with us when it comes to providing spiritual counseling to youth who are confused about their sexuality. Homosexuality is very often a result of early sexual trauma such as sexual molestation, rape, exposure to pornography, abuse or serious issues with one or both parents. Young people who have emotional problems can be drawn into homosexuality by others. After all, it seems to be trendy nowadays. Skilled mental health professionals can often successfully help them work out the resulting same-sex attraction or gender-identity issues and heal their often severe emotional wounds.

We need someone in the White House that will keep God in our schools, someone who cannot be swayed away from Biblical principles because they value man's approval over God's approval.

We all will have to make a choice, and that choice could bear some consequences. Have you thought about the price Jesus paid for honoring His Father? Let me remind you: it was His life.

We need a leader that has a moral compass. When praying about who to vote for, remember that our nation is at a crossroad. We are gambling with our religious freedom when we don't seek God's will when we go to the voting booth. Don't be fooled by hype, pretty words and fake promises. Be diligent in doing your homework. Find out what each candidate stands for and vote accordingly. Ask God for wisdom and direction. Our future depends on it.

Matthew 24:24-25 says, "For false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Listen, I have told you beforehand."

Janet Boynes is a born-again Christian who was formerly a lesbian. She has founded Janet Boynes Ministries to minister to individuals who question their sexuality or who wish to leave homosexuality.

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