WATCH: Heaven Breaks Loose as Kenneth Hagin Calls on Keith Moore to Sing

I posted the above video and another one of the same variety the other day. Years ago, I showed these videos to a group of Bible school students as a method of training and mentoring them in cultivating a sensitivity to the move of the Holy Spirit, and His diversities of operations, manifestations and many moods. I used this particular video to show them what this type of flow looks like. Right before the 47:00-minute mark when Bro. Hagin calls on Keith Moore to sing, all heaven breaks loose. There are several things to learn from this:

  1. First of all, Bro. Hagin trained Keith and knew that he had a public anointing and cultivated the ability to sing in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. I've been in meetings where Keith would often step out and sing this way—songs fresh from heaven, and it was always a pure blessing and lifted the entire meeting and congregation. I used to get so excited and filled with anticipation when Brother Hagin would call on him because I knew the meeting was about to go to a higher level.
  1. Secondly, Bro. Hagin, being a genuine New Testament prophet, was also anointed as an interpreter of public services. It's one thing to interpret messages in tongues, but it's another thing to know the direction of a service and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to direct it according to His plan. This is what Bro. Hagin always did so beautifully and so accurately. When the right person does the right thing at the right time in a meeting such as this, it lifts the meeting to another level. And often there are ebbs and flows in a meeting such as this.
  1. Watch how ripe things got in the Spirit when Keith first steps up there. When I first watched this video, I sensed that urge to run just before Keith ran. If everyone is in the Spirit they will all bear witness to what God is doing. You can't rehearse this. Notice also how all he sang at first was ...Yeah, yeah, yeaaaahhh! Everyone started running and dancing all over the place. Here's the lesson to learn here: When the Spirit is in manifestation you don't have to push anything; just let Him move and flow with Him as they do here.
  1. Notice most of the direction comes from the platform from seasoned ministers, musicians, and singers. A meeting like this can go flat quickly if someone who is not anointed for the moment does something that is not according to the Spirit's direction. Even though this meeting appears to be a free-for-all, it's not. Although it seems chaotic, there is order in the Spirit. Now in a smaller size meeting more individuals can share what they are receiving (1 Cor. 14:26), but even then, when someone shares something that is unanointed, it drags the meeting down. We will all miss it from time to time, but we need to learn from it so that there is maximum edification, which is what God wants.
  1. This is a great meeting marked with so much of the joy of the Lord that to this day it still blesses anyone who watches it and is yielded to receive from it. Watch the usher in the aisle at about the 28:50 mark. It is hilarious. Even his gestures are anointed that one can even interpret them as joy and victory. A dance in the Spirit can release the anointing of the Spirit in a meeting whereas dancing in the flesh will kill the anointing. Let us cultivate this sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
  1. Finally, notice during different parts of this meeting where the people just linger in His presence. Again, you don't have to push the Spirit. Wait, be patient, and just continue to praise God.

There are many more things I could say about this video, but it is a great tool to teach people through precept and example of how to move with the Spirit and let the Spirit move. In a day when churches are toning down on these thingsm we need to know how to move forward in them and not draw back. In the 1990s and into the turn of the century (millennium) just before Bro. Hagin went on to be with the Lord, he conducted many such Holy Ghost meetings. He knew what was coming. He knew that churches would draw back from the move of the Spirit. What the Lord wants in this hour are Word and Spirit churches.

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