Has America Fallen to a New Low as Education System Pushes Sexually Explicit Material on Kids?

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With hypersexualized and sexually explicit language like bondage, submission and sadomasochism being pushed on K-12 school children by national education bureaucrats, America has fallen on iniquitous times. Modern spirituality is at a low tide. If the nation is to survive, public "education" will have to be withdrawn from today's tuition traffickers so it can be redone by professionals.

Reexamining legislation drafted by Thomas Jefferson for admitting new states to the Union in 1787 will reveal the current culture's steep decline. Article Three of the Northwest Ordinance reads: "Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged."

Founding Father Fisher Ames [1758-1808] added: "Our liberty depends on our education, our laws and habits ..." The glory of a nation lies in its righteousness rather than in its military prowess or GDP. As a result of the exodus from the biblically based upbringing stipulated by the Founding Fathers, large-scale secular inculcation is wanton and both freedom and liberty are imperiled by secularism's revisionist notions on public education.

A cultural battle will have to be fought out between social justice warriors, truculent LGBT propagandists, national education dons and Bible-believing Christians whose touchstone is the Bible. Two competing religions are contending for control of America's public square, and by simple reason, the wax of one will lead to the wane of the other.

What's at stake is freedom and liberty for our children and grandchildren. To be victorious, the church will need a different operating model than the setup used over the last 75 years. Last century's injudicious advancement of a subculture, ensconced behind the four walls of the church building, has resulted in a culture devoid of God.

Ed Silvoso explains in his book Ekklesia that "If the church is so important, why did Jesus mention it only twice in the Gospels? And why is there neither a command nor instructions in the Bible on how to plant one?

"The New Testament examples of church are vastly different from the contemporary notion that it is a place where members go, usually once a week. Back then, church always referred to people, never to buildings, and it was made up of individuals who operated 24/7 'from house to house' all over town as a transforming organism, not as a static institution (Acts 2:46; 5:42). Its objective was the transformation of people and of society, rather than acting as a transfer station for saved souls bound for heaven.

"During Jesus' 33 years on earth, three major institutions shaped the life of the Jewish people: the temple, the synagogue and the ekklesia," says Silvoso. "The first two were religious. The third [Jesus' design in Matt. 16:18] was secular."

American Christians have come to their kairos, a New Testament term for "the appointed time in the purpose of God." Following America's 20th-century deference to secularism's contrived principles, if "wisdom is proved right by all her children," as it says in Luke 7:35, Secularism has come up empty with nothing to offer, except for 60 million human lives extinguished in utero in the name of women's "wellness and will." Add to that the spectacle of homosexuals praying at President Barack Obama's Inauguration, the sin of dissipation, which has produced red ink as far as the eye can see, and lastly the 2015 pseudo-discovery of homosexual intercourse and marriage in the U.S. Constitution (previously undetected for 400 years of American history).

We ask God for mercy.

That transgenderism at the present moment is extolled and lionized in public school programs can be taken as a sure sign that biblically based cultural input has come to an end. According to Harold O.J. Brown, secularism has reached its peak, the "liberty desired by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the abolition of every particular dependency. This is what Hannah Arendt called 'the atomistic mass,' a precondition for the establishment of totalitarianism."

To be seared in the mind's eye, it is about "a precondition for the establishment of totalitarianism," goaded by a secular religion evil in disposition, direction and outcome.

If modern America thinks that the Gen Z generation is self-indulgent, perverted and feeling superior to God, wait until Generation Alpha comes along. Secular overlords have worked long and hard to arrive at the current situation, where indoctrination of youth by transgender and homosexual apologists for carnal craft, lore and creed has taken the place of the American founders' educational outline of reading, writing, math and religion.

As Rod Dreher noted in 2013: "We're entering the endgame of the struggle over gay rights and the meaning of homosexuality. Conservatives have been routed, both in court and increasingly in the court of public opinion. It is commonly believed that the only reason to oppose same-sex marriage is rank bigotry or for religious reasons, neither of which—the argument goes—has any place in determining laws or public standards.

"The magnitude of the defeat suffered by moral traditionalists will become ever clearer as older Americans pass from the scene. Poll after poll shows that for the young, homosexuality is normal and gay marriage is no big deal—except, of course, if one opposes it, in which case one has the approximate moral status of a segregationist in the late 1960s."

Same-sex marriage legalization in 2015 by five radicalized Supreme Court Justice secularists struck a decisive blow against biblical Christianity, as these "radicals appreciated what was at stake far better than did many," according to Dreher. Homosexual intercourse and marriage advocates have indeed changed America forever, "in ways that are only now becoming visible." So-called "marriage equality" has made America a decidedly less Christian culture.

To speak plainly: Public education has become a breeding ground to "groom" prepubescent and adolescent boys and girls, who are being primed by contemporary school programs for sexual exploitation. Pro-homosexual intercourse and marriage devotees and education's foot soldiers have campaigned for legislating, now codified into law, the acclaim and standardization of godless depravity as part of K-12 mandatory learning.

Where are the prophets in America, we may wonder. Those who have seen, as A.W. Tozer puts it, "visions of God and heard His voice from the Throne ... who stand in flat contradiction to everything our smirking, smooth civilization holds dear ... [who rise to] contradict, denounce and protest in the name of God" what has happened to a nation "founded for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith," as the Mayflower Compact says.

To those "who stand in flat contradiction," history will be kind.

If the Lord were to give a plan for a mass departure from secularism's incubators, public schools, it would set in motion a blessing for American Christendom, unobserved in history for 150 years. If over the next 10 years Christian pastors all over the country banded together to oppose and reverse carnal pagan public "education," a Fourth Great Awakening would be initiated in America, lasting well into the next century.

Our children and grandchildren would then rise and say of this generation, as Thomas Paine said: "This was their finest hour."

Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand.

David Lane is the founder of American Renewal Project.

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