Do We Really Want to Become an America Where Left-Wing Values Are Imposed by Force?

Former U.S. President Barack Obama participates in a political rally for California Democratic candidates.
Former U.S. President Barack Obama participates in a political rally for California Democratic candidates. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)
Newt Gingrich held no punches last week when he released a video about the left destroying America.

There are moments in history. when things come together and crystallize and you suddenly realize that you're at a historic moment. I think that's what we're seeing. This isn't just politics as usual, this isn't a pleasant game [being played]. When Senator Booker says that people who support Kavanaugh are in effect supporting "evil," you know there's something profoundly wrong. When you have a senator say, "All men should shut up," you know there's something profoundly divisive. When a senior Democrat Congresswoman, who will actually chair a committee if Democrats take control of the House, goes publicly and says, 'Hunt down all Trump supporters, hunt them down in gas stations, hunt them down in restaurants, drive them from stores, don't let them appear in public', you know something is profoundly wrong.

What you have here is a remarkable moment in American history. It guarantees that the election is not going to be about President Trump. This election is about what kind of America do we want to become? Do we really want to become an America in which Left-wing values are imposed by force? Do we really want to become an America in which our borders are open and Fentanyl and opioids flood into the country killing more young Americans? Do we really want to become an America where there are sanctuary cities for groups like MS-13, a gang that tortures people with knives? I don't think that's the America we want to become.

The left is showing the ugly side of totalitarianism. They will do whatever they have to, they will break any rule they have to, they will smear any person they have to. This is really a struggle on which America we are going to become and what kind of people we are going to be.

This is what's not too long from now at stake on Election Day, Nov. 6, 2018.

Democrats serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee managed to accomplish in one week what had been played out behind the scenes since the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump in January 2017. Out of sight of the general public, secular Democrats—aided and abetted by TV bigwigs and media bon ton—exhausted nearly all resources in an attempt to torpedo the Trump presidency. Their long-term goal, as evidenced by the Kavanaugh hearings, is to cement in place the secularized America they engineered over the last hundred years.

In the same way that law loses its binding force when it ceases to serve the common good, broadcast and media honchos have now sullied their "'polished image" of objectivity, eroding their 'brand confidence' with the American people. Secularists can and should no longer be trusted to supervise and regulate America's cultural mountains of influence.

In order to manage the "business" of the people of the United States, cooperation between the executive and legislative branches of government would appear to be customary. "Fair and balanced" coverage by television, radio and independent press—once a hallmark of America—was at one time regarded as the first requisite of sustainable freedom. Discarding any semblance of objectivity, broadcast and media snobs and elitists contravene at present anyone's expectation of impartiality. This inequity is the metastatic outgrowth of America's deteriorating culture.

A constitutional republic is viable only if people, all things considered, can rely upon their representatives to work in the best interests of the country. Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, on the other hand, acts as if Democrat's 'leveraging power' is more important than the nation's success. Violating all historical norms of the Senate, his obstructionist machinations and tactics are unprecedented in American history.

Take for example last week's deal with Democrat incumbents facing stiff headwinds in their reelection races in states that voted for Trump in 2016, conceding the McConnell led Senate to confirm 15 judicial nominations held up over the last two years by Schumer's contrivances. "The Senate also confirmed 21 executive-branch nominees by unanimous consent Thursday, including several assistant secretaries of state, an assistant secretary of defense and deputy administrators for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and NASA" (Oct.11, 2018, article in The Washington Post).

In God's providence, evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians have come to their kairos. In New Testament Greek kairos stands for "the appointed time in the purpose of God, the time when God acts." This is how it should be, for in a world created and governed by God there are no chance happenings or random accidents. Evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians must go out in record numbers to vote on Election Day, 2018.

Over the last century, America has lost track of wisdom words such as "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly" (Ps. 1:1a). "Those who do 'walk' in the counsel of the ungodly will soon be 'standing' in the way of sinners, and before long will be 'seated' with the contemptuous and scornful" (A.W. Pink, Gleanings in Genesis).

The counteragent to the left's slithering anarchy lies in the hands of evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians this November. Totalitarianism will be stymied if Christians bring biblical values to the voting booth. Instead of closing our eyes to the problems, obstacles and difficulties before us in America, let's face them head-on. Rather than trying to downplay it, pastors should take tyranny's full measure. "Man's extremity furnishes the most suitable opportunity for God to display His power." (A.W. Pink, Gleanings From Joshua).

Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to rise.

David Lane is the founder of American Renewal Project.

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