Nov. 8 Is About So Much More Than Clinton vs. Trump

Early Voters
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As we move toward Election Day on Nov. 8, polls show that the American people are searching for a "change agent" to remove the human scum that has collected around the position of power and wealth in the nation's capital over the last half-century. Solomon observed in Proverbs 25:5, "Take away the wicked from before the king, and his throne shall be established in righteousness."

Michael V. Fox comments, "Before a silver vessel can be cast, the ore must be refined by melting it down and removing its impurities. So too must the king remove the human scum that collects around the power and wealth of the royal court in order to allow his reign to rest firmly on righteousness."

What is happening in America on Nov. 8 is so much bigger than a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. What's happened to Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, Washington state's Barronelle Stutzman and Seattle Coach Joe Kennedy, plus the codifying of homosexual intercourse and marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court, and transgender bathrooms forced upon public schools by a corrupt and lawless Obama administration is just the beginning if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

America is about to learn something that can be learned in no other way: Freedom and liberty are unsustainable without God. As Daniel L. Block wrote in The Book of Ezekiel, "The Kingdom of Judah never recovered from the spiritual degradation which he [Manasseh] had brought the nation. After forty-five years of court-sponsored paganism, Judean apostasy was so deeply entrenched that the sweeping reforms of the good king Josiah (640-609) could do no more than scratch the surface, but not for lack of trying."

The meteoric rise to fame of America came as a result of the Judeo-Christian foundation and biblically based culture poured by America's founders. Since virtue and righteousness are key components of freedom and liberty, it's easy to grasp why America is now largely indistinguishable from any other nation around the world, having become just another "heathen" nation.

As a result of Christian abandonment from the public square for the last three-quarters of the century, secularism's priests and values now saturate public education, higher learning, main street media, Big Business, Federal Courts, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Fortune 500 and Hollywood. Secular values impregnate every movie, song, book, magazine and conversation in a nation that once established, as William Federer noted in The Original 13, that Christianity was the official religion of America in the original 13 colonies.

Historical Background

America's founders established the people as the sovereign of America:

  • Thomas Jefferson, "But the Chief Justice says, 'There must be an ultimate arbiter somewhere.' True, there must ... the ultimate arbiter is the people."
  • Gouverneur Morris, who signed the Constitution, "This magistrate is not the king. The people are the king."
  • Signer of Constitution James Wilson, "Sovereignty resides in the people; they have not parted with it."
  • James Madison, "The ultimate authority... resides in the people alone."
  • John Jay, the First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, "The people are the sovereign of this country."

Historian, Bill Federer tells a story to illustrate the responsibility of the sovereign of America:

Imagine traveling through a kingdom to visit a KING, and on the way, you witness the KING's servants committing crime and corruption.

As you enter the KING's chamber, he reluctantly asks you, 'Did you see all the crime and corruption as you came in here? ... I wish someone would fix this mess.'

This is like someone in America watching television, seeing politicians committing crime and corruption and saying, 'I wish someone would fix this mess.'

A finger should reach through the TV screen and tap them on the shoulder reminding them, 'In America, you are the KING. You are responsible for fixing this mess.'

You tap the KING on the shoulder and remind him that HE is the KING, that it is HIS servants who are creating the problems, and that HE is the one responsible to fix the mess.

It is the responsibility of evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians to fix this mess by:

  • Confronting secular, totalitarian, federal judges persecuting Christians who are refusing to participate in homosexual weddings
  • Defying the U.S. Supreme Court for imposing homosexual marriage on this once Christian nation
  • Facing down city councilmen and councilwomen who are placing our daughters at risk of sexual molestation by voting to open girl's locker rooms and showers to perverted and immoral men

It is our responsibility. Christians founded America—not secularists, agnostics or atheists. America is headed toward collapse unless we act.

Plan of Action

  1. Prayer must be re-established in America's churches, led by the senior pastor.
  2. Pastors must drive their flocks to the polls on Nov. 8.

We need a Gideon or Rahab to make a stand.

If you missed it, click here to watch Newt Gingrich's eight-minute address to North Carolina pastors.

David Lane is the founder of American Renewal Project.

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