Did Hillary Clinton Mean What She Said?

Hillary Clinton
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The Democratic Party Platform from Philadelphia talked specifically about religion. And when discussing same-sex intercourse and marriage, Democrats said, "[We] applaud last year's decision by the Supreme Court that recognized that LGBT people—like other Americans—have the right to marry the person they love."

In positioning herself for the 2016 Democrat Primary run, Hillary Clinton wrote in her 2014 book Hard Choices:

"Religious freedom is a human right unto itself, and it is wrapped up with other rights, including the right of people to think what they want, say what they think, associate with others, and assemble peacefully without the state looking over their shoulders. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights makes clear that each of us is born free to practice any religion."

Great! So, does that include the religious liberty of Christian photographers, Christian lawyers, Christian bakers, Christian retreat centers and Christian pastors who believe that same-sex intercourse and marriage is sin? The Christian florist, baker and retreat center were merely living out their deeply held moral convictions when they kindly refused to provide services for a same-sex wedding.

Let's demand an answer from Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. What about the young florist with small children who is being bankrupted? Doesn't the First Amendment allow her the religious freedom "to think what [she] wants, say what [she] thinks, and assemble peacefully without the state looking over [her] shoulders?"

Of course Clinton does not mean that. That's why her talk about "religious freedom" is classic Clintonian doublespeak—saying one thing but meaning something different.

Homosexual militants once lobbied for a libertarian acceptance of their lifestyle, "Allow us to live our lives in the privacy of our homes" was their tune. But since 2008, homosexual militants have shifted to a totalitarian posture: "Christian bakers, Christian photographers, and Christian retreat centers will be required to take part in our weddings or be bankrupted." It appears that Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was introduced to the next chapter coming to America, fascism: "You will ceremonialize, genuflect and glorify our weddings, or you will spend time in our prisons."

Is this what Hillary Clinton means by religious freedom?

Hillary Clinton shouts, "[It] is our duty, to build that bright future, and to teach our children that in America there is no chasm too deep, no barrier too great—and no ceiling too high—for all who work hard, never back down, always keep going, have faith in God, in our country and in each other."

The God of the Bible is very clear on (1) same-sex intercourse and marriage, (2) stealing from the 7-Eleven, and (3) running around on your spouse (adultery); He calls it sin.

Like Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade, we have entered another shameful period in American history, with the legalization of homosexual marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court in June of 2015. Haven't godless, secular Justices done enough? And at this moment, the Obama Administration seeks to impose transgender bathrooms in public schools. What is President Obama's vision for America once he is finished with it? What is he bringing to the table except social anarchy?

Os Guinness writes in his new book, Impossible People:

"When cultures reject God, they cut themselves off from the ultimate ground of reality, and in the end they do indeed become weightless, insubstantial, light as air; ephemeral or, in the terms used by the prophets, 'weighed in the balances, and found wanting' (Dan. 5:27). They gave birth only to wind (Is. 57:13). The judgment over their end is the verdict 'Ichabod'—the glory, the reality, the weightlessness has gone (1 Sam. 4:21).

America is about to learn something that can be learned in no other way—there is no safety in distance from God. She has embraced the godless model of the French Revolution: "liberty, equality, and fraternity." Her Judeo-Christian heritage and Biblically-based culture has crumbled away.

The American founder's model of, as Guinness put it, "ordered freedom" has given way to libertarianism so that in effect the truth now is that 'we have no king but ourselves.' And as in the days of the Hebrew judges, this means in practice that there is no king in Israel and 'everyone [does] what [is] right in his own eyes' (Judges 21:25)."

How far have we traveled in the collapse of Western civilization? Well, the Protestant Reformation made the Bible, not reason, the basic source of natural law. But the U.S. Supreme Court dislodged the Bible from public schools in 1963, establishing Secularism as the official religion of America and recasting the nation with a new religion and belief system. Christianity established America, not Secularism, "religious neutrality," agnosticism, or atheism.

Walter Wink, one of the most influential, liberal theologians of the 20th century, acknowledged that "Angels, spirits, principalities, powers, gods, Satan—these, along with other spiritual realities, are the unmentionables of our culture. The dominant materialistic worldview has absolutely no place for them. Modern secularism simply has no categories, no vocabulary, no presuppositions by which to discern what it was in the actual experience of people that brought these words to speech."

As Christians, we will never bow our knee to the gods of this age.

We pray that all of you will join us in bringing Jesus Christ, Son of God and Lord of Life to the public square. Stay tuned.

We need a Gideon or Rahab to stand.

David Lane is the founder of American Renewal Project.

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