Does Jezebel's New Masculinity Turn Men Into Women?

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There is a definite, concerted war on gender in our society today, says widely read columnist, author and national radio host Dr. Michael Brown. And those who have the slightest doubt can look no further than the November edition of GQ magazine.

There, on the cover, says the author of Jezebel's War with America: The Plot to Destroy Our Country and What We Can Do to Turn the Tide, stands singer and fashion designer Pharrell Williams, "adorned gorgeously in a long, flowing robe and looking quite ladylike. And there, around Williams' beautiful form, the theme of this special edition of GQ is spelled out: The New Masculinity."

"According to editor-in-chief Will Welch, GQ has been working on this special edition since January, not only tackling abusive aspects of masculinity in our culture, but also featuring an article from 'a gender-nonbinary actor who is simultaneously advocating for greater inclusivity in Hollywood and acknowledging their own privilege,'" Brown says. "Exactly what you'd expect to find in a gentlemen's magazine—sarcasm intended. Another article is from 'an anthropologist who is debunking the idea that testosterone determines male behavior.' Of course! How did other researchers miss this for so long?

"Welcome to the new masculinity!" Brown continues. "And it has nothing to do with science and everything to do with ideology. Because, notes the GQ editor, the 'antidote to toxicity' is 'empathy.' There's that evil, male toxicity once again. Husbands and dads, beware. Your solid, steady, protective and nurturing acts are increasingly out of step with today's new reality. The playing field must be perfectly leveled. Male-female distinctions must be downplayed and denied. And gender confusion must reign supreme. From a man being named Woman of the Year to drag queens reading to toddlers, and from men menstruating to men having babies, gender norms must go."

Since the August release of Jezebel's War with America, Brown has been talking about a "Jezebelic" attack on our nation—a coordinated, ideological attack on the country.

"The spiritual assault is real," Brown says. "That's why I'm not surprised to see the article for GQ titled, 'Pharrell on Evolving Masculinity and "Spiritual Warfare."' Yes, 'spiritual warfare' is a theme repeated throughout the article."

For the article Williams made comments such as the following:

—". . . we're in the middle of a spiritual plight. A spiritual war."

—"We're followers. And we're not following God. We're following men. So that's spiritual warfare."

—"What is happening to a transgender person? What are they going through? They feel like their body is not connected to their spirit. And what kind of toxic environment do we live in that they have to justify how they feel? That must feel incredibly insane. That is spiritual warfare. ... But it has prompted this conversation that I think is deeper than what the new masculinity is or what a non-gender-binary world looks like. I think we're in spiritual warfare."

—And, with reference to the 2020 elections, "It's more about who is going into the voting booths. But the reality is that people don't know that we are in the middle of spiritual warfare."

"Spiritual warfare indeed," Brown says. "Obviously, Pharrell and I are worlds apart on the nature of this spiritual warfare. But we are in agreement on the real existence of a spiritual battle for the soul of our nation. We dare not downplay it."

This ongoing emasculation of men stems from Jezebel, in fact.

"Queen Jezebel was an incredibly evil and demonically controlled woman," Brown says. "She lived 3,000 years ago, but that same demonic power that operated through Jezebel is operating in America again today. Jezebel emasculated men, and we see that everywhere in our society—not only through radical feminism but in the media at large. Remember when fathers were respected and revered? Now he's being ridiculed. He's being mocked. You're guilty if you're a man. There has been an emasculating of male authority. It is part of the spirit of Jezebel. And we need to confront these demonic forces."

Jezebel's War with America not only contains chapters focusing on idolatry, internet porn, abortion, radical feminism, witchcraft, the emasculating of men and the silencing of the church's prophetic voice. It also contains a chapter on the war on gender, turning men into women and women into men.

"The mounting evidence of the war on gender will either bury us or wake us up," he says. "What will it be? The spiritual warfare is real."

Dr. Michael L. Brown is founder and president of AskDrBrown Ministries and president of FIRE School of Ministry. The author of more than 35 books, including Saving a Sick America (2017), he is also the host of the nationally syndicated daily talk radio show "The Line of Fire," as well as the host of shows on GOD TV, NRBTV and METV. His syndicated columns appear on many leading websites, and his scholarly publications range from biblical commentaries to articles in Semitic journals and theological dictionaries. He has served as an adjunct or visiting professor at seven leading seminaries and has debated gay activists, agnostic professors and Orthodox rabbis on university campuses.

Jezebel's War with America by Dr. Michael L. Brown is released by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, which publishes books that challenge, encourage, teach and equip Christians.

Dr. Michael Brown ( is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program. His latest book is Revival Or We Die: A Great Awakening Is Our Only Hope. Connect with him on Facebook or Twitter, or YouTube.

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