Gloria Allred, Please Turn the Yearbook Over for Forensic Examination

Attorney Gloria Allred holds a yearbook with the maiden name of accuser Beverly Young Nelson.
Attorney Gloria Allred holds a yearbook with the maiden name of accuser Beverly Young Nelson. (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)
From Day One, I have made my views clear on Judge Roy Moore. I hope that he is innocent of the charges brought against him and would love to see him serve as Alabama's next senator. But if the charges are true, not only did he sin 40 years ago but he is compounding that sin today by lying about the past, in which case he must drop out. So, my appeal here to Gloria Allred is not based on a blindly partisan position. Rather, it is based on the pursuit of truth.

Either a good man is being slandered in the ugliest ways, or a man claiming to be good is covering up an ugly past (and slandering underage minors he abused). A major key to uncovering the truth is found in the yearbook allegedly signed by Judge Moore.

The day that Beverly Young Nelson (Allred's client) brought her tearful accusations against Moore, a female conservative colleague of mine, herself very much in Moore's camp ideologically, responded to a pro-Moore, email chain with these words: "I believe her." That's how compelling Young's witness appeared to be in the eyes of many viewers.

Adding insult to injury, Allred and Nelson then produced a yearbook allegedly signed by Moore, and signed with affection and appreciation at that. How could he wriggle himself out of this?

Moore immediately responded with indignation, claiming he never met the woman, which led to the immediate question: "Then how did you sign her yearbook if you never met her?" His answer: It's a forgery.

Since then, serious questions about the signature have been raised, most particularly the fact that appended to the signature are the letters "D.A." This was a supposed reference to Moore signing as "District Attorney," except that he was the deputy district attorney rather than the district attorney.

More importantly, Moore's team produced a copy of Nelson's divorce certificate, which was signed by Moore, followed by the initials "D.A." Moore explained that when his assistant Delbra Adams stamped his signature in a document, she appended her initials to make clear she was the one stamping it.

Could it be, then, that someone named Roy signed Nelson's yearbook, then the rest of it was forged?

This is obviously a drastic countercharge, but in recent days, a missionary who dated Nelson at the time in question has said he doesn't believe her account, while her own stepson claims her accusations are a "100-percent lie." Are these men further compounding the pain of a victim of Moore's alleged sexual predation? Or are they exposing a vicious attack against a man of integrity?

It's true, of course, that Nelson is only one of a number of accusers who have brought weighty charges against Moore, and every one of them could be telling the truth. But, as one of my Twitter followers noted, "There is no evidence to prove his guilt. However, this yearbook can either prove or disprove this particular allegation [whether] it's true or a conspiracy. Only hard evidence available right now. So let's independently investigate it!"

Last week, I asked on Twitter, "If the yearbook signature was proven to be forged, would that cause you to doubt all the other accusers?" In response, 67 percent said "Yes," 30 percent said "Only that accuser," and 3 percent said "I'd still believe her."

So, not only is Nelson's credibility at stake in the eyes of many, but the credibility of Moore's other accusers is at stake in their eyes as well.

My appeal, then, to Ms. Allred is manifold: For the sake of the people of Alabama, for the sake of the accusers and for the sake of Judge Moore, please release the notebook for forensic investigation without playing games (like calling for a Senate panel to review the allegations when Moore is not a senator).

It's true that the testimony of the other accusers doesn't rise or fall on the veracity of the yearbook signature, but if the signature is verified, then Moore is exposed as a hypocrite and liar, helping to vindicate his other accusers. If the signature is proven false, those claiming there is a vast conspiracy against Moore have fresh wind in their sails.

Speaking for myself, if I had hard evidence that backed my case, I would bring it into the full scrutiny of the light for everyone to see. Ms. Allred, what is stopping you from doing the same?

Dr. Michael Brown ( is the host of the nationally syndicated Line of Fire radio program. His latest book is Revival Or We Die: A Great Awakening Is Our Only Hope. Connect with him on Facebook or Twitter, or YouTube.

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