Suggested Draft: A Letter of Apology and Repentance From President Biden to Americans

President Joe Biden (Charisma News archives)
My Fellow Americans,

It's been said that a politician is concerned about the next election, but a statesman is concerned about the next generation.

I will soon turn 80 and be the oldest president to serve in this office. I've done serious reflection during times here in Delaware, and I believe the time has come to do something that many will say is political suicide. However, I prefer to say it's necessary to preserve my presidency and run again for reelection.

I approach you in humility, acknowledging what has become obvious to the majority of Americans: I have failed miserably in my position, and it's time for a course correction to hopefully save what many now call the sinking ship. Allow me to highlight five specific areas:

1. In my inauguration speech, I promised to unify our country and be a president for all the people. I have obviously failed by dividing Americans as no other time except for the Civil War. Characterizing America with labels of systemic racism and white supremacy was blunt, a bad choice of words that regretfully threw gasoline on the fires of racial divide at a time when we needed Lincolnesque words of healing. I am so sorry.

2. I openly professed to be a Christian and devoted Catholic, yet my actions proved hypocritical, especially regarding my radical support for aborting developing babies when to "follow the science" irrefutably reveals babies' hearts beating at 5 weeks. Siding with Democrats for abortion of babies until their due date is not absurdity but depravity, an extremist position putting us in concert with communist China, Russia and Vietnam who share no human rights. Witnessing states like Maryland, California and New York embracing the slippery slope to infanticide is unconscionable, and I pledge to save innocent human life. I also deeply regret not taking a responsible stand but rather being MIA when protesters broke federal laws demonstrating before Supreme Court members' homes. Seventy-five percent of Americans disdain the illegal protests, but I did not rise to the occasion. Please forgive me.

3. No longer will I cover up my misguided policies that caused our current economic disaster. Americans are suffering due to the highest inflation in 40 years, highest gas prices in history and devastation of 401(k)s, stock-market investments and average households paying $6000 more this year. Inflation is the product of poor decisions at the top. I caved to climate change zealots, stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, instituted regulations strangling the oil industry and violated the law of supply and demand, setting in motion the disastrous consequences plaguing us today. Blaming the coronavirus and Russian President Vladimir Putin was deception when inflation was 1.4% (now we're approaching 10%) and gas prices were $2.93 when Trump left office in spite of the pandemic. To salvage my failed presidency, I must act decisively to correct this dangerous situation. Please pray for me and my advisers before recession shock hits. I can't believe how misguided I was.

4. Maybe my gravest mistake (besides picking Vice President Harris, who's proven both unpopular and unfit for this position), is my abject failure ignoring the immigration crisis at our southern border. My open borders policy will have allowed 2 million migrants, drug traffickers, criminals, sex traffickers and terrorists to surge into our country in violation of immigration laws for which I am responsible as commander-in-chief and guardian of our national security. I took the oath of office, and I could be impeached for dereliction of duty here (to my shame, I've never even been to the border).

One-hundred and seven thousand (107,000) died last year from drug overdose—primarily fentanyl freely brought here by cartels. These are our youth whose lives are terminated because of my lack of leadership. I should have known better from what I went through with my son, Hunter. Mea culpa, mea culpa; I will not look the other way anymore, and I will begin by firing Alejandro Mayorkas, who has proven totally incompetent and a national embarrassment.

5. As a professing Christian I know the sacred Scripture reveals marriage is between one man and one woman; there are two genders—male and female; and parents (not the government) have the primary responsibility to train their children according to their values, not LGBTQ propaganda, permissiveness or pop-culture trends. My Bible and my Catholic Church teach that we are to be compassionate to all; recognize adultery, fornication and homosexuality as sins; and extend God's offer of redemption when one repents and draws upon God's amazing grace for forgiveness, freedom and a fresh start. I sincerely repent for my compromise here and encourage everyone to embrace abundant and eternal life through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In closing, I know there are so many other areas where I need to ask forgiveness and mercy from you my fellow Americans. What I did in withdrawing from Afghanistan, ignoring my military advisers, was an unmitigated disaster that needlessly cost the lives of five Marines, sacrificed other lives and disgraced us before a watching world. I wasted $80 billion in sophisticated military equipment, and we now observe a once-defeated Taliban and Islamic State Group reconstituting to again attack what they call the "infidels" of America. I grieve daily for my reckless actions.

I was also naive like so many in supporting Marxist Black Lives Matter, now being exposed for its fraudulent activities and financial exploitation during a racially tense season after the George Floyd tragedy. BLM's branding of America as racist, misrepresentation of police and fiery rhetoric inflamed people to arson, looting, assaults and destruction of billions of dollars of property. Calls for defunding the police, tearing down of the nuclear family and historic monuments should have been obvious to me, but I was gullible and lament my lack of discernment.

I could go on, but I believe I need to stop and simply ask if you will forgive me and extend mercy to me and please give ol' Joe another chance. "To err is human. To forgive is divine."

I know what I'm communicating in this letter will be shocking to millions, especially those seeking to replace our Judeo-Christian, constitutional republic, which has prospered and been a blessing to the world for nearly 250 years. To my leftist, Democrat progressives intent on refashioning America into a socialist country, I ask that you release me from being your instrument for change, as I've tried and failed miserably—as has the totalitarian model for governing you've had me advance.

Here's the Deal: My fellow Democrat, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, repeatedly demonstrates courage to stand for convictions and the common good of all Americans. I take inspiration from him in this hour as I ask you once again to place your trust in me, afford me another opportunity to mend my ways as we hopefully stand together and ask God to bless this United States of America.

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