Rick Joyner, Larry Tomczak Share Prophetic Perspectives of This Perilous Time

Rick Joyner and Larry Tomczak (Facebook: Rick Joyner, Larry Tomczak)

For over 20 years an annual gathering of leaders meets at Morningstar Ministries in South Carolina at the invitation of senior prophetic leader Rick Joyner. It's a "highlight of the year" experience and this commentary hopefully captures some encouraging insights.

At the Roundtable we affirmed our mandate to be "salt" and "light" preserving and promoting righteousness. We do this by praying, proclaiming transformative truth, voting and supporting leaders standing for faith, freedom, family and free market opportunities. Likewise, we align with God-fearing, patriotic Americans of all backgrounds opposing leftist, secularist, socialistic ideologies disregarding human dignity, justice, sanctity of life, traditional marriage and Judeo-Christian principles.

The stark difference between our two political parties and platforms requires every fully devoted follower of Jesus to reject compromise and complacency to respond courageously and with a sense of urgency as we face rampant deception and corruption. This is our defining moment to shine as the "city on a hill" Jesus proclaimed and our Founders endeavored to put into practice.

We share a conviction that America is at the crossroads. This is our tipping point. We stand on the threshold of losing America as it has existed since our inception unless there is national repentance and another spiritual Awakening. In his interview on the "Here's the Deal" podcasts hear Rick Joyner's insights, especially on repentance and revival.

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"We are between the warning and judgment" Rabbi Jonathan Cahn recently stated. Smack dab in the middle of an absolutely unprecedented global shutdown, unfathomable economic disaster and a catastrophic chain of events, it's imperative that we seek God passionately and pray for God-ordained leaders to guide us.

Attacking God-Ordained Authority

While our President, the Administration, medical authorities and healthcare professionals work heroically to protect and lead us through the COVID-19 crisis, politicians, pundits and even a past president attack President Trump's leadership. At a time when the nation should come together like after 9/11, the daily criticism and cruel character assassination are grievous and relentless.

Having tried for over three years to oust a duly elected President from office, many scheme shamelessly letting ulterior motives and a godless political agenda take precedence over the welfare of our nation.

Dishonest, left wing politicians in an unholy alliance with corrupt media have hijacked a political party and are working to dismantle America as a constitutional republic founded on Biblical ideals. Disregarding due process, demanding taxpayer funded abortion, delivering a plan for a $2000 guaranteed monthly income, they're determined to seize the opportunity to finalize their "fundamental transformation of America" and establish "BIG GOVERNMENT" as our savior.

Trump's Turnaround

Leftists are seething with hatred and resentment for Trump ever since he miraculously defeated Hillary Clinton. Until the pandemic exploded, he had appointed a record number of Constitutionally conservative judges to the Supreme Court and throughout the nation; restored a robust economy with record unemployment and wage increases; rebuilt a strong military; restored America's respect as the world's only superpower; solidified our partnership with Israel and kept promise after promise to the American people.

At the same time, he infuriated leftists, socialists and communists determined to silence Christians and conservatives standing for righteousness. The previous Administration's use of IRS intimidation and the Johnson Amendment to thwart churches, ministries and pro-life organizations was finally being stopped.

President Trump refused to back down. Instead he confronted the dishonest, disrespectful press, exposed corruption in the FBI; worked to "drain the swamp" of unethical political leaders (in America and abroad taking advantage of America).

Capitalizing on a Crisis

We must awaken to the brutal reality that bitter opponents of the president are gleeful at the possibility of finally ruining his reelection by exploiting the COVID-19 crisis. Day after day they hammer home the false narrative that "His handling of the crisis has been an absolute chaotic disaster" (actual words of Obama doing what communist radical Saul Alinsky taught him: "Never let a serious crisis go to waste.").

The adversaries are ruthless. "He caused the crisis... He doesn't care... He's a racist... He's responsible for your job loss and the death of your loved ones...He's incompetent."

In rehearsing this litany of comments, politicians, commentators, celebrities and so-called "journalists" dispense a daily dosage of hate-filled propaganda to the masses.

Discern the Deception

Jesus told us four times in Matthew 24 regarding the end times, "Don't be deceived." A major area during the worldwide pandemic is understanding who really is to blame.

COVID-19 has been called the "novel coronavirus," the "European virus" (Gov. Cuomo) and the "Wuhan virus." Our president called it the "Chinese virus" and was lambasted as "racist" yet, it is a most accurate term except for one short word: "Communist". The Chinese Communist Party deliberately isolated people in the Wuhan province for weeks while letting people leave China to infect the entire world! Rick Joyner calls their actions an "Act of War."

The Corona virus that caused an unprecedented pandemic delivering death, devastation and destruction to 213 countries comes from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). You probably heard from CCP reports that the United States is responsible for this catastrophe.

The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus

"The Epoch Times" [an outstanding newspaper founded in 2000 to bring uncensored news to people oppressed by Communist China] states a more accurate name for this "silent killer" that has upended the entire world should be the "CCP virus." They call upon others to join in adopting this name as it holds the CCP accountable for its wanton disregard of human life and consequent spawning of a pandemic that has put untold numbers in countries around the world at risk, while creating widespread fear and devastating the economies of nations trying to cope with this disease."

After our Roundtable, The Epoch Times released their report. They stated, "After all, CCP officials knew in early December that the virus had appeared in Wuhan, but they sat on the information for six weeks. They arrested those who tried to warn of the danger, accusing them of spreading rumors and employed the regime's rigorous censorship to prevent media coverage and to delete any mentions of it from social media."

"What might have been contained was allowed silently to spread showing up in all of China. Individuals who might have protected themselves became victims, in numbers far greater than the CCP has admitted. By late January, there were reports that all of the crematoria in Wuhan were operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with the crush of dead bodies.

"Meanwhile, the measures taken to quarantine and treat the population of Wuhan were grotesquely inhumane. Apartment buildings were welded shut. Temporary 'hospitals' were created that actually served as jails for those believed to be sick with the virus. Locked into these places with no medical treatment and little food, the unfortunates were trapped there until death.

"In lying about the danger facing China, the CCP was acting according to its usual script. The CCP's dominant narrative is that the party is 'great, glorious and correct.' The presence of the deadly CCP virus in Wuhan, or, in 2003, of the SARS virus, doesn't fit the script. As with SARS, the first response was denial.

"But in dealing with this virus, denial is not acceptable. The world needs to know its origin, and the CCP has refused to cooperate. Outside experts have not been allowed into Wuhan. And there is understandable concern about the activities of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China's only P-4 lab, one meant for working with easily transmitted pathogens that can cause fatal illness. As the official narratives offered for the source of the virus have been disproven, questions have been raised about whether the CCP virus leaked from the Institute."— Editorial, The Epoch Times, March/April SPECIAL EDITION

Here's the deal: America is at a defining moment as we face the 2020 election. God calls us to learn the truth and let it be known to others lest they be deceived. He calls us as a nation established upon a covenant with God to return to Him in humble prayer and repentance for divine intervention and healing our land. Our only hope is not in reopening the country but returning to the first principles of our faith. As GK Chesterton wrote over 100 years ago, "I think, as I have always thought, that the only salvation for our civilization is going back; not so much to former conditions but going back to First Principles."

Please post this commentary and hear Rick Joyner's full interview on the Charisma Podcast Network "Here's the Deal" today!

Larry Tomczak is a cultural commentator of 46 yrs, Intercessors for America board member, best-selling author and a public policy adviser with Liberty Counsel. His new, innovative video/book, BULLSEYE, develops informed influencers in 30 days (see www.bullseyechallenge.com). and he has a variety of resources on his website (see www.larrytomczak.com). You can also hear his weekly podcast here.

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