Steve Bannon Compels Christ Followers to Help Drain the Swamp—Again

Steve Bannon (PBS FrontLine YouTube channel)

Reflecting his Navy service and quoting the famed John Paul Jones outside a New York Court room, devoted Christian Stephen K. Bannon said, "I have not yet begun to fight." And Bannon is fighting hard, because government officials are trying once again to prosecute the onetime top strategist to former President Donald Trump on charges Trump pardoned him for.

Bannon warns those who stand with Trump—and conservatives in general—what they faced with because they stand for God's truth.

"They are not after me—they are after you," Bannon says. "The deep state is in panic because, with your help we are going to win big in November at the school boards, the local, state and national elections. Together we are going to take our country back from the illegitimate regime that knows its time is up."

Just as happened exactly 60 days before the 2020 election, on cue, "the Deep State" came after Bannon on false charges that he had stolen from a charity he had set up to build a wall at the Mexican border. In reality, without checking, Bannon lent funds to the program that privately built over five miles of wall at the border and was simply being repaid for his advance to start the project.

Bannon is credited with stepping into and turning around Trump's presidential campaign. His efforts helped in the stunning election of Donald Trump to the presidency and, as chief strategist, he guided the administration from a scripture-based return to America's roots in the Lord Jesus Christ, and a restoration of her sovereignty epitomized in the words, "Make American Great Again" (MAGA).

As Bannon and the 80 million God fearing men and women of Hillary Clinton's so-called "deplorables" lead the way to a possible Fourth Great Awakening in America, he is calling out to believers to pray diligently for political change in this country.

But Bannon also charges believers and conservatives to show up to serve as precinct captains, election workers and to mobilize their friends, neighbors and families to vote, and to ensure that the election is legitimate, leaving no room for doubt about the possibility of fraud, which many allege turned the 2020 election. If that happens, we can take back America for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Faith leaders are trying to help spark a Fourth Great Awakening to sweep the country and the world, and it is sorely needed right now. But many in the established church hierarchy, which mirrors the traditional "swamp," looks down on the so-called "deplorables" and is more concerned with protecting its intertwined relationships, and is resistant to the change the Holy Spirit is attempting to bring about.

The deplorables are men and women who have come to Christ, often later in life, often without a background in the church, much like the generation in the Third Great Awakening, which is often referred to as the "Jesus Movement," in the 1960s and 1970s. That movement changed the nation and brought millions into the kingdom of God.

"This is our last chance," Bannon said. "We must take our country back and restore her to her people and return to the foundations of a nation dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. We must mobilize all believers to the ramparts for this urgent need."

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