True American Fights Against Jan. 6 'Committee' to Preserve Trump's Reputation

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Patrick Byrne is an old-fashioned libertarian. He believes in fairness and the rule of law and is a proud, card-carrying member of the "deplorables" that Hillary Clinton referred to during her 2016 presidential campaign.

Byrne, the multimillionaire founder and former CEO of, holds a doctorate in philosophy and believes the United States Constitution must be defended.

Byrne also directs The America Project. He urges fellow believers to pray for him and others as they work to restore America to her godly foundations, and for former President Donald J. Trump. Byrne recently met with the so-called Select Committee in Washington, D.C., which is investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

In spite of the nonstop efforts to rewrite history, Byrne strongly believes there was massive cheating in the 2020 election, which he wrote about in his upcoming book. Despite the fact that he did not vote for President Trump in that election—in fact, he criticized him extensively—Byrne is standing in the face of the efforts to change history.

Byrne insists that the American people must not give up on what he perceives as a rigged 2020 election and a massive campaign to attack anyone who would in any way question any of the related narratives flowing from it.

"I was no fan of President Trump," Byrne says. "If the roles had been reversed, I would be fighting for Joe Biden. The fact is, however, I have seen firsthand how an organized, well-funded and professionally executed 'color revolution' was executed by forces on both sides of the aisle who were determined at any cost to prevent Donald J. Trump from being re-elected.

"The effort was carefully done through a program of strategic paid ballot harvesting, voting result manipulation and then a dramatic program to attack anyone who in any logical way questions the obvious fraud to squash any attempt to get at the truth."

Byrne, who has faced cancer a number of times in his life and, as a result, has become fearless, was summoned last Thursday to testify in front of the Select Committee. The committee was curious about the now-infamous Dec. 18, 2020, meeting at the White House in which Byrne participated, and they wanted to see what he knew about the Jan. 6 incident.

Byrne says the Dec. 18 meeting at the White House was called to work on plans to support President Trump. Gen. Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell were also present during the meeting. Powell is also working on a book to be published shortly that portrays her side of the much-maligned event.

Byrne says that President Trump was "up to his waist" in "snakes" who were betraying him, adding that many would-be supporters betrayed the president for a great deal of money, positions within the Biden administration and recognition.

Byrne says the 2020 meeting at the White House lasted more than four hours, and during the meeting, he said, "The young people in the White House were wonderful, and they just love President Trump and are fighting for him."

Byrne says the senior staff, including White House counsel led by Pat Cipollone, were befuddled at the movement by some within the administration to undercut Trump and disgrace him.

"It is absolutely disgraceful," Byrne says. "The American experience is based on the consent of the governed. If we bend a knee to this, the American people will be forever betrayed. If the president has any faults, it is that he was too nice. I did not vote for [President Trump], but I was touched by how kind and patient he is."

During the 2020 meeting, a shouting match developed as the president's lawyers raised their voices to Trump. Gen. Flynn stopped them and asked, "Do you believe the president won the election?"

The question was followed by pained silence, and then President Trump said, "Patrick, this is what I have had to deal with for the past four years."

In a day and age when many have their own agendas, it is refreshing to know there are still those like Patrick Byrne who will stand up not only for integrity but for the truth. Balance that with Byrne's love of the Lord Jesus Christ and his country and you can see that he makes a difference in these Orwellian times when so many cast what is right as wrong and what is wrong as right.

Amir George directs The World Helpline.

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