The Elephant in the Room America Ignores—at Great Cost

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It's time. We have stood by long enough. We can't let this go on any more.

And it's all our fault, in a way. We put up with it, we said nothing about it all this time, we tolerated it, we were nice about it, but no more. We just wanted people to like us, so we said nothing. We went on our way and stayed quiet, hoping that people will think we are nice people.

Now, our whole society is falling apart, and we still have done nothing. But no more.

In the name of tolerance and niceness, our whole nation has turned its back on God, and we stood by and let it happen. Now our entire moral framework is on the verge of collapsing.

We have let the secularists teach our kids that there is no God. We are all accidents of nature, tiny bits of life in a vast, cold, indifferent universe, where there are no laws of life but what we make them out to be. We are finding out that is too great a burden for human beings to bear.

We have totally lost our way as a society, and we are teaching this to our children, who are confused and increasingly depressed. They don't know what to think or believe about anything anymore. Everything they thought they knew is deemed wrong. Their parents were wrong, even the very doctors who attended their births were wrong.

This has to end.

There is a God who created this world.

If you think the world just exploded out of nothing billions of years ago, and just all by itself, all these pieces of inert matter formed themselves into living things that can reproduce and think and have self-awareness, then you're just not paying attention. However, I think much of that is intentional.

Every nation in human history has acknowledged a higher being until the 20th century, and we think we are so much smarter than all our ancestors. Look at us.

The nations that have officially rejected a divine being are known as the most evil in all of human history. How else do you explain the tens of millions of people who died at the hands of their own governments, like what happened in the Soviet Union, China and Cambodia?

Yes, I know bad things have been done in the name of the church and God. People contaminate most things they touch. It's called the human condition. But don't blame God for that. That's not what they were taught.

Throughout our nation's history, we taught our children the Ten Commandments—even in public schools. We specifically stressed the one that says, "Thou shalt not kill." We taught them the Golden Rule—"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." And we taught them the second greatest commandment, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

We had a civil, moral society. A perfect one, no, because again, we're only human. But at least we were teaching them to be kind to each other, to care for each other.

Now the best we can do is to tell our kids to tolerate each other, as though there is no reason to like them. Just ignore them if you have to.

But we are empty inside. We have no bonds with our neighbors—the people we see and meet. They are all competing against us for our place in the world. They don't care about us. And more and more of us are resorting to violence to vent our rage against a cold world that has no hope or meaning.

Our nation was founded on a belief in God. But even more than a belief, it was a fact. The Founding Fathers did not say they believed that God gave human beings inalienable rights and equality. It was a fact. It actually happened.

We were created, not evolved out of swamp matter. They believed that God gave us rules for life, and because people tried to follow those rules, they could live in freedom. But we have rejected God and His rules, and now we are finding that freedom to be too free. We can't take that responsibility, and our society is crumbling under the weight.

Thinking that we are wise, we became fools. We have rejected the wisdom of the ages to try to recreate all the rules of life from scratch, and frankly it's not working.

Some people will think I have not been specific enough in detailing the problems and solutions, but there is only one problem and solution in mind here. We need to restore God to our society and our personal lives, and more than that, we need to talk about Him again as a society.

There will be some differences in opinions, sure, but this is the elephant in the room that we have been ignoring for generations now, and we are all paying the price.

That ends now.

Larry A. Craig went to school to go into the ministry (Moody Bible Institute, Mundelein College, Loyola University M.A. biblical studies) but spent his career in the meat business. Now he is retired, so he writes on politics and religion, both separately and jointly. He has written two books: The Importance of Healing and The Importance of the Lord's Prayer. He is working on a commentary on the Gospel of Matthew and hopes to publish a book of his articles on politics and one of his articles on the Bible. He teaches the Gospel of Matthew in a weekly Zoom Bible class and emails out his articles on politics and religion. He can be reached at, and you can read his political blog at

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