For Those Interested in a New World Order, Here Is What You Should Look Forward To

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From the late 15th century through the early 21st century, virtually the entire world was subject to historic colonialism, either by colonial powers or dominated colonies. Every part of the world today still reflects the remnant effects of colonialization.

Modern colonial powers were primarily European kingdoms. The intention of colonizing a country was to dictate authority over the colony's natural resources and labor for the economic benefit of the colonizing government.

As colonies gained independence and membership in a world order, constitutions were often drafted and ratified into law that codified and protected certain special interests granted by the originating colonial powers. Many countries today struggle to compete in a new world order without the full benefit of rule of law and due process for all citizens equally.

This has been the history of the world since ancient times.

Greece and Rome invoked imperialism by conquering adjoining territories. The indigenous people were bound as subservient serfs or slaves. Military might was the resource of jurisdiction in foreign policy.

At the fall of the Roman Empire in the fourth century, the world went through a great restructuring. During the Dark Ages that followed, Europe perfected its homogeneity. The Spanish, the Portuguese, the French and the British established their identities as a people. Further, their language, culture and ambitions became their calling cards. During the Age of Discovery, colonialization became their competition. Led by Portugal in Africa and quickly followed by Spain in the Americas, exploitation of foreign lands became the new imperialism through economic colonialism. Together with England, France and the Dutch Republic, the new world was ruled by far-reaching European empires.

The United States broke the yoke of colonial subservience by declaring independence from Great Britain in 1776. The United States was unique in that the colonies were populated by Europeans knowledgeable about and accustomed to the jurisprudence of British law. No privilege was extended, by birth or by station in life, in the new governing constitution for citizens. Liberty and freedom were established without exception for opportunity. Grievously, yet purposefully, African Americans and Native Americans did receive full citizenship in 1868 and 1924 respectively.

Most other colonies of the ruling colonial powers won independence through negotiations and trade agreements for shared authority. A few systems evolved into commonwealths or formal alliances. In many cases, the indigenous population was bequeathed the responsibility of managing a government somewhat incompatible with personal needs and local customs. Privilege and destiny of birth remained a constitutional right. They were therefore handicapped in their ability to reform their economies into completely open and transparent systems.

France is under scrutiny today for how colonization of Haiti has left the Haitians unable to govern themselves.

COVID supply chain disruptions, in company with two decades of reckless government spending, are threatening the world's economic stability. Most former colonies have been left with weak local currencies. These currencies were used during colonial times to pay local labor. The currency never competed in parity with the colonial power's currency. This was to the benefit of the colonial operator. To this day, several of these local currencies are not tradeable outside of their borders.

Inflation, largely caused by supply chain shortages and COVID relief spending, renders these currencies even more vulnerable. The exchange rate to get the local currency into dollars to buy world commodities is exacerbated by the overall weakness of the economy.

The United States is often recognized as the world's economic miracle. America created the largest middle class as a percent of the population in societal history. How and why? Because there is no exception to the rule that birth is not destiny. Any prejudices infecting society were realized by acts of individuals or groups, not by law, regardless of the Supreme Court's errant interpretations.

The world now finds itself in need of restructuring globalization. The leaders of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, address this as the "Great Reset." Their intentional strategy is to rewire around, and subsidize, developing countries that were former colonies in a new, one-world order. This plan includes demanding that the United States of America finance and yield its sovereignty to global elites in reference to universal health care, climate change and international banking.

It is interesting that European intellectuals want to use the wealth of America, realized from being independent of Europe's control 246 years ago, to pay for the problems they caused as colonial powers.

China views global economic restructuring as a platform to extend communistic command authoritarian government. Their strategy is to decide, as a government entity, what the value is for labor, innovation, creativity and due diligence, and monetize it through yuan without input from individuals. History teaches that their plan makes no sense except in the absence of any alternative.

It is the United States' obligation and imperative to lead the world economically in opposition to the one-world governments proffered by Chinese communists or European elitists. Why would we abandon free enterprise when it is proven beyond deniability to be superior in producing economic prosperity as compared to any form of total government control?

The United States should establish itself as the world's federal reserve, managing the world's currency. Countries should be divided by region just as they are for State Department protocol. Economic plans should be designed for every country in the world encompassing currency, debt and constitutional rule of law issues. The formation of a new alliance of economic freedom would embody the principles of the American colonies' Declaration of Independence. Such an alliance would present an alternative in exact opposition to the Chinese government and the World Economic Forum. In so doing, Americans can rescue the world from its colonial past and continue to defend freedom in its ongoing, undeterred commitment to individual liberty.

The new alliance should have two covenants. One, the covenant of righteous government. Each member country shall commit to accomplish rule of law, due process, independent courts, free press, and transparency. Form of government does not necessarily mean a democracy, a republic, or parliamentary government. Freedom begins with each citizen's respect for others and the government's mission to protect individual liberty.

Second is the covenant of government recognition. First, individual determination in pursuit of happiness is tantamount to government purpose. Second, the city has local authority and jurisdiction over education and local business regulation, regardless of the government's desire for power. Last is government recognition that God is sovereign over man, and man is sovereign over government, leaving government subservient to both.

These simple rules are basic to a free and open society. They represent the antithesis of mankind's design for one-world government.

The world is at a tipping point. Within a generation freedom will either reign as the order of the world or be eclipsed, condemning the world to darkness, for any attempt at one-world government will end in tyranny and oppression.

The United States is not just the world's police force, federal reserve or economic benefactor. The United States is the only hope any citizen in the world has to be free and independent to direct and support his or her own family as he or she sees fit.

It is required that our leaders have the courage to remain true to our country's beliefs that a future based on freedom provides the path to ordained destiny.

This is America's mission for this generation. This is America's call in these times ... to lead.

My name is Marc Nuttle and this is what I believe.

What do you believe?

Marc Nuttle is an attorney based in Norman, Oklahoma, who specializes in international trade, international foreign policy and international political affairs. He is widely recognized for his expertise in forecasting political and economic trends. He represents corporations, business projects and political entities nationally and internationally. Mr. Nuttle is the founder of the New Horizon Council, a forum for the discussion of transcendent government and business principles. He is the author of Moment of Truth: How Our Government's Addiction to Spending and Power Will Destroy Everything That Makes America Great. He is also the author of the weekly commentary The Nuttle Report.

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