As Final Battles Near, Take Up Your Shields and Swords for This End-Times Chess Game

As William Shakespeare suggested, our moment on stage is but a brief sigh quickly lost in the unrelenting gales of history.

This reality feeds upon our general inability to see grand schemes for what they are. The United Nations (formed in 1945) is a synonym for world government, and Joe Biden's recent proposal to give the World Health Organization full control of America's daily activities during so-called pandemics is just one more step into totalitarian one-world government. It's coming quickly—and no longer stealthily. The signs are clear, yet the world slumbers on into dreamless apathy.

The sinister jigsaw puzzle is nearing completion. The patterns are clear, but the intent remains hidden to most. Rather than a jigsaw, we should see it as a grand chess game in which 32 pieces gradually succumb to surrounding units until a solitary monarch arises to absolute dominance.

The real-life chess pieces are easily recognizable; their interplay is another matter. Start with the obvious: NATO, OPEC, African Union, Arab League, BRICS, CELAC, CIS, G20-33-7-8, GCC, OAS, OEOC, WTO and so on. All countries recognize and participate in one or more of these varied alliances tending to one-world influence. Guess the total number of these organizations (hold your breath): it's a magical 32.

Some 193 countries belong to the United Nations, a few others claiming to be countries (such as the state of Palestine) are so small we might be tempted to ignore them, but who can question the ultimate influence of the Palestine issue, for instance?

The major point here is that we are down to 32 distinct elements of collective controlling behavior, and their individual importance, as with pawns, is increasingly ignored as the rooks, bishops, knights, queens and kings come to the fore. In our current world's alignment, the expansionist Russians, Chinese and several oil-and-religion-driven Muslim alliances are balanced only by the United States in the drive for kingship.

NATO and EU weaknesses have been exposed via their lame reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. The UN has proven to be ineffective, unable to stop continuing insurrections and terrorism in even small countries such as Mali and six other minuscule African nations constantly under fire for several decades now.

So, as can be seen clearly from all the above, global dominance is already reduced to a battle of three major (nuclear) players: the United States, Russia and China. (Each of these has reliable allies, but those will react only upon direct command from leaders of the super-three.)

We are close to the final battles and the worst times in human history (Zech.12:1-9). We must find a way to energize the body of Christ, to awaken the church to a fertile awareness of how little time is left to rescue our families, neighbors, friends and acquaintances. Intensive one-on-one contact is the only sure hope for the unsaved masses. And this a sleepily docile church cannot do. It takes a fiery awareness of the times we have entered to energize the necessary spirit of massive revival.

The Holy Spirit is waiting to help all who acknowledge the times and accept the challenge. We pray an awareness of just how close we are to Armageddon will infuse the church in all lands. May the campfires be lit, and may the shofars awaken all who know but have been silent. The time for revival is now—tomorrow will be too late!

Ronald Dee Mallett of Milliken, Colorado, studied business, journalism, economics and mass communications at Colorado and Denver Universities and completed post-graduate studies at Stanford on a Ford Fellowship grant. An Air Force vet, former member of Civil Air Patrol and retired multinational corporate executive, he later served as director of jail, prison, nursing home and Mexico outreaches, as well as intercession ministries for over 20 years.

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