Spirit-Filled Pastor: Anonymous Congressman Reveals Biden's Plan for Police State

Jack Hibbs, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, believes the American experiment is over. He calls America's government leaderless, socialistic, and overtaken by the gay agenda.

He laments that the Constitution is now a living document, which means anyone can change it to fit their beliefs.

He says, "The United States, in 10 months, went from the pinnacle of power, success, freedom to the case of crippling fear, debilitating confusion, the loss of liberty and freedom. It's as though we were invaded by a foreign army. We have surrendered. We have given up. At the first hint or smell of battle, we folded."

Because we failed to discern the times in which we're living, Hibbs adamantly believes that "America, as we know it, is no more."

To prove it, Hibbs reads a sobering email he received from a current congressman:

"The initial disproportionate D.C. troop presence served multiple purposes: the desired appearance of a military police state designed to induce fear into a resisting populace. And second, to display administrative no-nonsense willingness to use military powers against its citizens. Now, retaining thousands of troops in D.C., this will continue as the message. During the next few months, the administration intends to pass, declare and implement one anti-Democratic transformational decision after another. The one-party state isn't kidding around. They are swiftly using their unchecked power to their advantage. They will first ensure future elections will present no threat to their power base. By then, they will have re-created the U.S. into a docile, compliant member of the globalist state. That is what Biden's campaign theme means when said, 'Build Back Better.' The basis of American government ruled by the consent of the governed will have been rendered a dinosaur, while the rule of law will have little effect protecting individual liberties. Chief among these casualties was the loss of rule by the consent of the governed. Because the people were given little to no true audit of 2020 voting integrity — recounting illegal ballots does not equal voting integrity. Next, censorship of individuals' speech by corporate media and political interests. Justice is denied today and was denied to hundreds of millions of Americans in the 2020 election. This began with algorithms from social media globalist conglomerates. Our government did nothing to protect us from the basic trampling upon of America's unalienable rights. It may be too late for a restoration of Americans' freedoms. The Lord of heaven's army may have rendered judgment upon our unrepentant, sin-sick nation, as the current, one-party state was elected by the corrupt alliance between one political party and corporate global behemoths. However, there is always a response that pleases and moves the heart of our living Savior. It is 'Surrender.' As we surrender our all to Jesus we find new joy, new hope, and we live."

Hibbs then says that America can no longer stand. After referencing Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver's "Amen and A-woman" prayer to the Hindu deity Brahma, Hibbs reads Psalm 2:4-5: "He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure" (NKJV).

"I believe America's in a state of judgment now," Hibbs says. "Persecution is coming. It's already started. Persecution always backfires because salvation sweeps cities, counties, states and nations when this takes place."

A Pew research poll recently came out that showed the decline of Christianity on a dramatic downward slope, but Hibbs says the opposite is true wherever the Word is truly preached. His church has exploded, and he attributes it to the unapologetic teaching of the Bible.

"You and I might not have America anymore," he says, "but we've got God. We've got Jesus Christ."

For more of Jack Hibbs' thoughts on America, watch this video.

Rob Vischer is a freelance writer for Charisma Media.

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