Gastroenterologist Describes 'Worst Experience of My Life' After Life-Altering Reaction to COVID Shot

A retired gastroenterologist says taking the jab was the "worst experience of my life." Meanwhile, the number of shot injury victims is skyrocketing, and the injured just want to be heard. Read on to learn what Liberty Counsel is doing to stop the unlawful vaccine mandates. —Mat Staver

As a retired gastroenterologist, Dr. Danice Hertz says she "completely trusted our system and believed the FDA was honest and decent." But she now knows she was wrong.

Hertz had recently retired when the COVID virus hit. Thinking she might be called out of retirement to help, she signed up to be among the first to take a COVID shot. After all, the FDA said the shots were safe. Hertz received the Pfizer jab in December 2020, just two weeks after the FDA cleared the drug for Emergency Use Authorization.

Thirty minutes after taking the shot, Hertz realized something was very, very wrong. "My face started burning and tingling, and my eyes got blurry," she says. Her husband called paramedics, and Hertz's blood pressure was sky- high. Then the rest of her symptoms kicked in.

"I felt like someone was pouring acid on me," says the doctor. She began suffering excruciating pain in her face, chest constriction, severe tinnitus, tremors in her hands and twitching in her limbs. Her body felt as if it were constantly vibrating, even as she lost feeling in her face. Many days, she thought she was going to die.

Fourteen months later, Hertz still suffers. In early 2021, doctors diagnosed her with "presumed post-COVID reaction," but these symptoms didn't arise from COVID. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of visits to medical specialists, the truth came to light. Hertz was suffering from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome triggered by the Pfizer shot.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is a previously rare condition in which a person's immune system goes haywire. As Hertz scoured the internet for more information, she found many others who had already been diagnosed or had the same symptoms of mast cell activation she did.

"Unfortunately, I have taken a turn for the worse a month or two ago," Hertz says. But she won't stop fighting for answers from a government that keeps repeating a now proven false mantra that the shots are both safe and effective.

The past year of COVID injuries proves neither assertion is true—they are neither safe nor effective. COVID "breakthrough" infections are now so common that it is simply understood that one will likely get COVID despite "full vaccination." Even "fully vaccinated" White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fell ill with COVID a few weeks ago.

The U.S. government's vaccine injury reporting system, VAERS, proves the shots are not safe. According to the latest update on Feb. 18, 2022, a staggering 1,134,982 COVID shot injuries were reported to VAERS, and MedAlerts reports 855,370 of them with neurological disorders.

What's more, it turns out Hertz was right to fear for her life. A Columbia University researcher says more than 400,000 Americans have died from the COVID shots. In fact, the Columbia researcher and his Israeli research colleague say the true number of shot injuries is a whopping 20 times higher than what is being reported on VAERS.

The injured people we are hearing from say that neither these drug companies nor the CDC seem to have much interest in helping the patients they poisoned ... and Joe Biden continues with his mad demand to force a shot in every arm.

Liberty Counsel is fighting to free America from Biden's jabs. We have multiple ongoing lawsuits to strike down the bans one by one.

Our massive class action lawsuit defending the military is awaiting a ruling from Judge Steven Merryday that I believe has the potential to free the entire military from the mandates. But we need your prayers and your help to win renewed freedom for all Americans.

Our team is working on more cases with more plaintiffs than ever before in our history as we feverishly work to save people from the mandates.

Our resources have been taxed as never before—and we still have all our other legal work defending sidewalk counselors, change counseling and pro-life warriors just trying to do God's will without government interference.

Please commit to regular prayer for our nation—we are at a critical juncture in restoring our God-given, inalienable rights and the rule of law. And pray for the people of Ukraine. My heart breaks as I view the carnage against these innocent civilians.

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