God's End-Time Prophecies Are Being Revealed

Daniel 9:24

The fifth determination of God concerning the Jews and Jerusalem is that the vision and prophecy will be sealed. I take this to mean that until the last days before Jesus returns, these prophecies will not be fully revealed to God's prophets or to His people.

Now that season of revelation is upon us! We could never have understood the prophecies of Jesus' coming until Israel was established as a nation and Jerusalem became its capital once more after 2,500 years of foreign rule. With these historic events, we began to receive God's revelation of the vision and prophecies and how they relate to our day.

In Daniel 12:4 (NKJV), he writes, "But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase." Thus, Daniel does not ever truly explain the vision he received. God commanded him not to do it.

I find it fascinating that the time of the end is linked to the increase of knowledge. We have seen in our day since 1945 an increase in knowledge that is beyond belief. With the internet and global communication, education and the access to knowledge has increased almost beyond measure.

The first and foremost prophetic knowledge concerns Israel and Jerusalem. Until Israel was reborn and Jerusalem reestablished as her capital, how could one understand Israel's role in the end times? Thus we invented a replacement theology that left Israel out of the prophetic timetable.

Now it is clear, Jesus, a Jew, will come to reign in the nation of Israel over the nations of the earth in Jerusalem as His capital. We can see that the time of the Gentiles is ending as Jerusalem is no longer trampled by the Gentiles.

We can also connect to this the gospel being preached to all the nations, which is one of the main signs that Jesus is about to return. This can be connected to the prophecies Jesus gave of global vision.

Jesus talked in terms of global awareness. This came upon us after World War II ended. Now we think in terms of world events. Global economy, global disease, United Nations, global environment and pollution, global terrorism, global signs and wonders ... you get the idea.

Jesus came to take away the sins of the world as the Lamb of God. He told the apostles to go and make disciples of all nations. There is only one God over the world. He is the God of Abraham who sent His only begotten Son for the whole world.

Our eyes have been opened to revelation prophecy and knowledge in dimensions we could never understand before. Study and pray on the prophecies in the Bible. You will see the truth of Jesus' return in ways our great-grandfathers never could see.

The question must be asked: Are you being awakened to the truth that we are in the season of His return? How is that changing the way you live? No more sleep. Truth requires action and to act you need to be awake and alert, growing in love with Jesus with a desire and urgency to obey His commands. Lord, wake us up!

Who Is This Anointed and Most Holy One of God?

Daniel 9:24

The sixth determination and the last one in Daniel 9:24 is, "to anoint the Most Holy." This is a reference to the Messiah, God's anointed King over Israel and the nations of the earth. God has determined to set Him apart for His glory to fulfill His promise of salvation to His people.

We see this fulfilled in Luke 3 and 4 when Jesus is baptized by John, then the Holy Spirit comes upon Him like a dove. Luke 4 says Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit, led by the Spirit, empowered by the Spirit and anointed by the Spirit.

This anointing is described in Luke 4 but taken from Isaiah 61. It is the job description of the Messiah of what He has come to do: to preach the gospel to the poor; to heal the brokenhearted; to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind; to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.

Jesus fulfilled all these promises in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We as His body are to be about doing all of these today and "even greater works" than He did.

Gabriel will speak of the Messiah several times in the 70-weeks vision.

Thus, the 70 weeks of the Jews and Jerusalem become centered on the Messiah upon His first coming in the 62-week period and then again in the last week, which connects to His Second Coming.

Jesus is the only One who fulfills these determinations, especially when you look at Isaiah and Jeremiah. He alone can establish everlasting righteousness, deal with our sins and reconcile us to God.

He is the life giver. He will bring desolation on those who reject Him and give life to those who receive Him. He is the blessing of promise given to God's people throughout the ages. He is our Savior, deliverer and Lord. He is the most holy King, the Lord of Hosts, the Suffering Servant and the Prince of Peace.

He is the Son of God. He is God, the Word, who became flesh to live amongst us. He is the Son of Man and the son of righteousness. He is the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah, the Alpha and Omega ... and so much more!

I know Him as the lover of my soul. The one who carries me through the trials of life and sustains me through the storms. He is my Savior and deliverer, the faithful one who has never deserted me or failed me. He is the giver of countless blessings and the restorer of my life. Through the Holy Spirit, He directs my life in how to prepare the way of His coming.

My calling is not to give you an answer to the day or hour of His return because no one knows that except the Father. The message entrusted to me is to point you to Jesus, to call you to wake up. Jesus is coming back. We are in the season of His return. Be about your Father's business.

Are you living in obedience as He taught in Matthew 24 and 25, as Paul taught in Romans 13:11-14 and in much of his epistles? If you are, rejoice in the work He has given you to prepare the way. If not, get into the Word and study to show yourself approved. Get on your face before God and repent of your self-serving life and surrender completely to Him to use your life for His glory. Ask God to show you what you need to do to fulfill His vision for Jesus' return and for your life. God has a marvelous plan for you!

The Seventh Determination for the Jews and Jerusalem

Daniel 9:26, 25

The seventh determination in Daniel's vision concerns desolation. God has determined desolation for the Jews and Jerusalem in judgment for their idolatry and breaking of the covenant. Yet, out of this desolation will come life, abundant life, and blessings.

First they will be scattered among the nations of the earth. Within these nations they will also suffer desolation in persecution and even death, as we have witnessed through the history of the Jews.

Jerusalem will experience desolation and destruction in judgment as well. Centuries of oppression and foreign rule as the "Gentiles trample God's sacred city."

But in the times of the end, the Jews and Jerusalem will be restored with life and blessings. The Jews will return to their nation and their holy city. They will reign and rule as God prepares for the nation and the world for the coming of the Messiah.

The last determination is the desolation of all those who rejected God and His salvation through the Jews. Their leader, the Antichrist, will bring desolation against the Jews but this will then consume him and his followers. In the end, all that they stand for in rebellion against God and in trying to exalt themselves as God will become desolate.

There is no hope apart from God. There is only death and eternal separation from His life. Those who love and serve the living God in Jesus will know life everlasting and know the blessings of God in being fruitful and multiplying in His glory.

Daniel makes it clear that the Jews will reign with the Messiah in His kingdom and the Gentiles who follow the Messiah, Jesus, will be one with the Jews. Read and study Revelation 7 concerning the future of the Jews and Gentiles! May we awaken to God's plan and put aside our indoctrinations so we can fully love and serve our Savior.

This completes the seven determinations God has ordained for the Jews and Jerusalem. We can see this as it unfolded through their history and what is happening today in Israel and throughout the world. These are exciting days to be fully engaged in God's vision and plan for His people!

In Greater Love, author Blake Lorenz shares a captivating story of one man's journey through time after God has chosen him to prepare Israel and the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. All the proceeds will go to our mission and evangelism work around the world and in Central Florida. blakelorenzministries.com

Once a professional baseball player with the Chicago Cubs Organization, Blake Lorenz was called to Asbury Seminary after a radical encounter with Jesus, where he received his master's degree. He has pastored in the Orlando area for 33 years and has been blessed with the opportunity to evangelize globally, visiting five continents and preaching the gospel to tens of thousands. Blake has also helped plant 500 churches. He has been working in Israel for the past 20 years, includes serving on the board of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in connection with the Knesset. In 2020, blakelorenzministries.com and the Awaken podcast launched to teach and challenge others to join him on a journey of anticipating the return of Jesus. He has used the three books he's written in his seminars and conferences. He and his wife, Beverly, share three children and six grandchildren.

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