Glenn Beck Warns Americans to Soberly Prepare for This Frightening Scenario

Conservative political commentator Glenn Beck is sounding the alarm: We may be entering into a season of time where the Bible will be outlawed.

Beck says God revealed to him that "there is going to come a time when our founding documents"—including the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, etc.—"are not going to be able to be found." And more importantly, Beck says, citizens need to "prepare for a time when you will not have access to Scriptures."

Beck says he isn't sure how soon that time will be in America, but he said it is coming. And, he said, there are definitely things we can do to get ready for it.

"In China, you are not allowed to have some sacred texts. In the Middle East, you can't have it. The Taliban is checking people's IPhones to see if you have the Bible app, and if you do, you're executed for it," Beck said in a recent video. "It's hard for me to believe that this would happen in our day, but the way we are proceeding, it very well could happen at any time.

"I felt urgently prompted to tell you this. I believe ... that we are all here for a reason and that we all have our own roles to play. Someone once asked me if I read Ezekiel, and I said, 'yes, I do.' He said, 'I feel sorry for you.' The reason for that is that I had received this revelation and had not told anyone. The person that asked me this question said all of the blood of those who could possibly hear the warning will be on your head and on your hands if you don't warn them. It's the reason I do warn. What you do with it is your business. If you dismiss it, fine. If you think I'm a lunatic, fine. Maybe I am. I just tell you what I believe to be true."

Beck says we must preserve our founding documents. Copy them and keep them with you.

"I would also include the Founder's Bible by David Barton, the Geneva Bible," Beck says. "Preserve these and keep these safe. Prepare for a time when you won't have access to them. Memorize Scriptures and study them all the time."

Beck is a practicing Mormon. Mormonism is a cult and does not hold to orthodox beliefs about the Bible, Jesus Christ and many other doctrines.

For more of Glenn Beck's stunning message, watch the video above.

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